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National Archives

(Websites of the National or State Archives of the 25 Member States of the European Union)

    Austria Website of the State Archives of Austria in Vienna.

    Belgium Website of the General State Archives of Belgium in Brussels.

    Cyprus There is no website for the State Archives of Cyprus.

    Czech Republic Website of the State Central Archives of the Czech Republic in Prague.

    Denmark Website of the State Archives of Denmark in Copenhagen.

    Estonia Website of the National Archives of Estonia in Tartu.

    Finland Website of the National Archives of Finland in Helsinki.

    France Website of the National Archives of France in Paris.

    Germany Website of the Federal Archives of Germany in Berlin, Bonn and Koblenz.

    Greece Website of the General State Archives of Greece in Athens.

    Hungary Website of National Archives of Hungary in Budapest.

    Ireland Website of the National Archives of Ireland in Dublin.

    Italy Portal of the State Archives of Italy.

    Latvia Portal of the State Archives of Latvia.

    Lithuania Website of The State Archives of Lithuania in Vilnius.

    Luxembourg Website of the National Archives of Luxembourg in Luxembourg.

    Malta Website of the Libraries and Archives Department of Malta.

    Netherlands Website of the National Archives of The Netherlands in The Hague.

    Poland Website of the State Archives of Poland in Warsaw.

    Portugal Portal of the National Archives Institute of Portugal in Lisbon.

    Slovakia Website of the National Archives of Slovakia in Bratislava.

    Slovenia Website of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana.

    Spain Portal of the State Archives in Spain.

    Sweden Website of the National Archives of Sweden in Stockholm.

    United Kingdom Website of the National Archives in Kew, Richmond.


Archives of International Organisations

    The Historical Archives of the European Union: "The Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) were opened on 13 December 1985 as part of the European University Institute in Fiesole/Italy. Since then, the European Communities' files, produced in Brussels and Luxembourg, have been deposited centrally in Florence and are kept here in their original form, while in the archives established in the various institutions the same documents are available on microform. The Historical Archives also acquires papers of European politicians or officials, or archives of European associations, parties and organisations that have played a significant part in the march towards European integration, as well as copies of documents held in other repositories which complement the existing collections or relate to European unification."

    Archives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the European Union and European Institutions: "This site is the outcome of a joint effort by the Enlarged Group of Archivists of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the 25 Member States and the Institutions of the European Union. The group has been meeting twice-yearly since 1987, under each EU Presidency. Its main objectives are to share information, pool knowledge and best practices for the conservation and access to the European diplomatic documents.

    The site provides in the form of a guide, in English and in French, summary details of the various collections (title, summary of contents, extreme dates, access and reproduction conditions, language) as well as, selected bibliography and studies strictly related to the collections concerning the process for European co-operation and integration, from 1945 to 1973 (first enlargement to the EU). Hyperlinks interconnected with the “Blue Guide” to the Archives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Member States and the Institutions of the EU makes it possible to get in touch directly with the individual National Archives which physically houses the collection and to plan the consultation of the sources available."

    ARCHISplus-the Historical Archives of the European Commission: "ARCHISplus (French ARChives HIStoriques) is the Historical Archives of the European Commission's database which contains references to files of European institutions from their beginnings to today. It is extracted from an internal database, Archis, and includes those references only which are helpful to access historical files open to the public according to communitarian regulations pertaining to their archives"

    The Council of Europe (CoE): "Website of Council of Europe with links to all catalogues together. The Central Archives were founded in 1949. The holdings of the Archives exceed 5km of files. (referenced documents of the Council of Europe from 1949 to present, files from Council of Europe departments, historical files)"

    The Western European Union (WEU): Access to the inventory of the Historical Archives and the Multimedia Archives of the WEU.

    Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE): "Use the OSCE online photo archive to browse and download images related to the work of the Organization, its Missions and Institutions. You can also find final documents, reports, journals and decisions issued by various CSCE/ OSCE negotiating and decision-making bodies during events and meetings, which took place since 1973 up until this day under [http://www.osce.org/docs/]"

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO): "The records available for consultation consist of chronological sets of documents issued by the International Staff and the NATO Military Authorities between 1949 and 1965. (NATO Document Series).” Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Archives of the OECD for news releases issued in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Fondsabout the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC), the former OECD, and the OECD itself can be found at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence."

    European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN): "CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, the world's largest particle physics centre. Here physicists come to explore what matter is made of and what forces hold it together. CERN exists primarily to provide them with the necessary tools. These are accelerators, which accelerate particles to almost the speed of light and detectors to make the particles visible. Founded in 1954, the laboratory was one of Europe's first joint ventures and includes now 20 Member States."

    UNESCO-Guide to the Archives of Intergovernmental Organizations: "This Guide to the archives of intergovernmental organizations is a joint project between UNESCO and the International Council on Archives, Section of Archivists of International Organizations (ICA/SIO). The archives of international organizations are rich sources for contemporary history in general and for the history of international relations in particular. Hopefully, this Guide will be a useful working tool for researchers, students and anyone else wishing to know more about these archives and their holdings."

Documentation and Information Centres (EDC)

    EDC-European University Institute Library: "The European Documentation Centre (EDC) in the EUI Library has existed since the inception of the Library itself in 1976. Due to the European emphasis of the research carried out in the EUI the EDC naturally forms a pivotal part of the library. It serves primarily the researchers and professors of the EUI, the academic community in Florence and visiting scholars from elsewhere"

    Centro nazionale di informazione e documentazione europea (CIDE): "Il Cide è stato costituito con contratto tra la Repubblica italiana e la Comunità europea, nella forma di gruppo europeo di interesse economico (g.e.i.e.). Il Cide svolge una funzione, a carattere istituzionale, di osservazione costante delle istituzioni, del diritto e delle politiche dell'Unione Europea. In contatto diretto e continuo con i centri decisionali di Bruxelles e di Strasburgo, il Cide è in grado di individuare nuove opportunità in una prospettiva internazionale di lavoro e di mercato."

    Jacques Delors European Information Centre: "The Jacques Delors European Information Centre - European grouping of Economic Interest - created on 8th December of 1994 - has as founding members, the European Union and the Portuguese State. Together with Rome and Paris, it constitutes one of the three big Centres on European Information. Aim: Encourage citizens' participation, especially young people, in the life and construction of Europe through the information and debate on community subjects. Public targeted: Young people, teachers, investigators, lusofonia and multipliers of information. Activities: Edition of works, Development of Contents, Documental treatment, Training, Debates, Seminars, Exhibitions, Theaters, Games, Ateliers, Contests, Question-Answer Service, Support to users. Departments: The Jacques Delors European Information Centre carrys a service of proactive information through the cooperation of its units: Information, Training and Communication."

    Toute l'Europe.fr (former Sources d'Europe): Portail proposant une information pédagogique sur l'Union européenne (cartes, animations), un suivi quotidien de l'actualité et un espace de discussion.


Libraries and Catalogues

    The Central Library of the European Commission is a special reference and research library. Established to meet the library needs of the European Commission and its staff, it nevertheless welcomes as many outside researchers as it can.

    ECLAS: "ECLAS is freely accessible on the server EUROPA. It provides bibliographical references for publications, but no document delivery or copy service is available. ECLAS is a bibliographic data base consisting of ca. 350 000 completed catalogue records in the domain of European affairs; about 7 000 new records are added annually."

    The European Library: "The European Library is a free service that offers access to the resources of the 48 national libraries of Europe in 35 languages. Resources can be both digital (books, posters, maps, sound recordings, videos, etc.) and bibliographical . Quality and reliability are guaranteed by the 48 collaborating national libraries of Europe."

    European University Institute Library: "In the collections users find more than 3,000 current journals, over 50,000 working papers and approximately half a million books in law, economics, history and the social sciences, with European issues being particularly well represented. Most of the Library's holdings are on open access. The Library has also taken out licenses to many digital resources and electronic access is provided via its web site to more than 2,000 journals; to many bibliographic, full-text and numeric databases as well as to many web-based resources. Users have a range of services at their disposal, all of which aim to put information within easy reach: on-demand acquisition of books, generous lending policies, fast document delivery services and interlibrary loan facilities, access to electronic text and data, remote login, photocopying, printing, downloading, reference and personal instruction. Using their own laptops users can have access to the campus network from many fixed network access points throughout the Library."

    EU Bookshop Digital Library: "Scanning 12 million pages makes more than 110 000 EU publications available free of charge for download in the EU Bookshop Digital Library. It offers all publications ever edited by the Publications Office on behalf of the EU institutions, agencies and other bodies since 1952."

    World Digital Library: The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

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