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Media and Information Services

Media and Information Services

    Agence Europe: Agence Europe is an international Press Agency. [...] Agence Europe set up a multinational team of specialised journalists, dealing with information from their own perspective, that is to say a European perspective, but without neglecting aspects relating to national or sectorial interests.

    Avecleurope.fr: Vous y trouverez toutes les informations sur les fonds européens et sur les programmes de mobilité pour vous aider à mener à bien votre projet européen.

    cafebabel.com: "Ziel von cafebabel.com ist es, die europäische Öffentlichkeit durch zwei unterschiedliche, aber eng verknüpfte Tätigkeiten zu fördern: Zum einen über die Online-Zeitung cafebabel.com, in der Journalisten aus ganz Europa das Zeitgeschehen aus einer einzigartigen, europäischen Perspektive betrachten. Zum anderen führt das cafebabel.com-Netzwerk Diskussionen, Konferenzen und andere Veranstaltungen in ganz Europa durch, um eine grenzüberschreitende Debatte anzuregen."

    La clé de l'Europe: "Le Ministère délégué aux Affaires européennes a réalisé "La Clé de l’Europe". "La Clé de l'Europe" vous permet, en quelques clics, d'avoir accès à l'essentiel de la construction européenne et de ses réalisations. C'est un outil facile d’utilisation: un système de mots-clés permet d'obtenir rapidement l'information recherchée."

    EU business: The EUbusiness web site is Europe's leading independent online business information service about the European Union.

    EUobserver: EUobserver.com is an independent website published by EUobserver.com ASBL, a non-profit association registered under Belgian law working in cooperation with the Group for a Europe of Democracies and Diversities in the European Parliament.

    EUpolitix: EUpolitix.com is an established free-to-use online information service, designed to simplify the needs of those who work, or have an interest, in EU affairs.

    EurActiv.com: News and LinksDossiers on the EurActiv website.

    Europa Newsletter: The Europa Newsletter is issued every two weeks and features information on issues relating to the European Union, new developments on EU websites and forthcoming EU events and activities.

    europa-digital: News and comments on the europe-digital website.

    europarltv: News and comments on the European Parliament and the European Union.

    Europe by Satellite (EbS): Europe by Satellite (EbS), the European Union's TV news agency, provides EU-related information for professionals working in television and radio and for other European institutions.

    Europe Information Service: Europe Information Service (EIS) is primarily a news and information agency. Its hard core is composed of a solid team of international journalists specialised in keeping abreast of and analysing European events. The press releases, articles, commentary and analyses that flow from their efforts are published in a series of publications, embracing affairs of general interest (all European policies) or those specialised by sector (environment, energy, transport, enlargement, etc.)

    The European Commission on YouTube

    European Journalists: The members of European Journalists, a network of European media professionals, promote the understanding between the cultures and the improvement of political education in Europe in numerous projects and critical reports as well as educational programs.

    European Union: Euromyths-Time to set the record straight

    European sources online: European Sources Online is a database that provides information on the EU and the wider Europe, focusing on its institutions, structures, countries, regions, people, policies and processes.

    EuropeanVoice.com: EuropeanVoice.com is the website of European Voice, the only weekly newspaper with an independent view of the EU. European Voice's mission is to promote informed debate, openness and progress in the EU and the newspaper has become essential reading for the EU regulatory and political affairs communities Europe's most important decision-makers.

    Fenêtre sur l'Europe: L'Association « Fenêtre sur l'Europe » a pour objectif de contribuer à familiariser, par internet, un maximum de citoyens à la connaissance de l'Europe.

    InUrop.com: InUrop.com is a Webmagazine developed and written by young  people (students, professors, researchers) of all over Europe. Its first ambition  is to be at the same time a Community E-newspaper of Information and a support of Services targeted on the European students. InUrop.com has for main goal the analysis, the treatment and the diffusion of information, at the European level, which integrates national and regional information.

    La Quinzaine Européenne 

    Politikportal.eu: "Das Politikportal ist eine unabhängige Plattform für Europapolitik und verfolgt ausschließlich und unmittelbar gemeinnützige Zwecke ohne parteipolitische, nationale, religiöse oder wirtschaftspolitische Ziele."

    Rapid: DG PRESS works under the authority of the European Commission President, with mission:to inform media and citizens about the activities of the Commission, to communicate the objectives and goals of its policies and actions, to inform the Commission about the evolution of opinion in the Member States. In order to accomplish its mission, DG PRESS runs successfully a number of information dissemination services. One of these services, related with the collecting, processing and publishing of Press Releases is RAPID NG service.

    Toute l'Europe.fr (former Sources d'Europe): Portail proposant une information pédagogique sur l'Union européenne (cartes, animations), un suivi quotidien de l'actualité et un espace de discussion.

    etoile-le blog de Toute l'Europe.fr: "Cette page accessible gratuitement propose un tour d'horizon en temps réel de toute l'actualité européenne sur les principaux sites d'information sur l'UE : les communiqués des institutions, les derniers articles de la presse en ligne, les titres des principaux blogs et magazines en ligne sur l'Europe, les dernières notes de think tanks, la "Une" de Touteleurope.fr ... et même la météo à Bruxelles et Strasbourg !"

    TV Link Europe: The TVLink Europe web-site has been designed to meet the needs of audiovisual journalists by helping them to provide better coverage of European issues. The site enables journalists to illustrate European subjects through the distribution of video reports that can be ordered directly on-line. These video reports are also accompanied by a full description of the images used in each film, transcripts of the commentary and interviews.

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