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In Memoriam Lynn H. Nelson (1931-2012), the creator of CARRIE and the WWW-VL History Central catalogue:

Remembering Lynn H.Nelson, Pioneer Digital Historian

>new VL European History Primary sources. (EHPS), EHPS has moved to Drupal version 7.0. If you have suggestions write to primary-sources.info@EUI.eu

>new VL The Belgian history site has been updated

>new VL The Mexico history site has been updated by her maintainer, Adriana Luna-Fabritius.

>new VL New version and new address for the Yiddish Sources at:
Yiddish Sources aims to be a comprehensive source of information for those who are interested in using Yiddish materials in their research. The information is arranged in three main sections: reference, research and events. A new addition is the Yiddish Studies Bibliography, an online bibliography which lists relevant scholarly literature in the field of Yiddish Studies.  It is easy to stay updated on new content by subscribing to RSS feeds or follow Yiddish Sources on Twitter and Facebook. Feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated and can be sent to: info@yiddish-sources.com

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1.History by Continents


Algeria - Angola - Benin - Botswana - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Central African Republic - Chad - Comoros - Côte d'Ivoire/Ivory Coast - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Djibouti - Egypt - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Gabon - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea - Guinea Bissau - Kenya - Lesotho - Liberia - Libya - Madagascar - Malawi - Mali - Mauritania - Mauritius - Mozambique -Morocco - Namibia - Niger - Nigeria - Zaire/Congo - Republic of the Congo - Rwanda - São Tome and Principe - Sénégal - Sierra Leone - Somalia - South Africa - St.Helena - Sudan - Swaziland - Tanzania - Togo - Tunisia - Uganda - Zambia - Zimbabwe


Argentina  - Belize  -  Bolivia  -   Brazil  Canada  -  Chile  -  Colombia  -  Costa Rica  -  Cuba  -  Ecuador  -  El Salvador  -  Guatemala  -  Haiti  -  Honduras  -   Mexico  -  Nicaragua  -  Panama  -  Paraguay  -  Peru  -  Puerto Rico  -  Surinam  -updated United States  -  Uruguay  -  Venezuela


Armenia  - Afghanistan - Bahrain  -  China  -  Central Asia  -  Comoros  -  Georgia  -  Indonesia  -  Iran  -  Iraq  - Israel  -  Japan  -  Jordan  -  Kuwait  -  Lebanon  -  Oman  - Palestine  -  Philippines  -  Qatar  -  Saudi Arabia  -  Sri Lanka  -  Syria  -  Turkey  -  United Arab Emirates  -  Uzbekistan  - Yemen - Asian Studies Sites


Albania  -  Austria  - updated Belgium  -  Belarus  -  Bosnia  -  Bulgaria  - Croatia  -  Cyprus  -  Czech Republic  -  Denmark  -  Estonia  -  European Integration history - Finland  -  France ("Album des sciences sociales") -  Germany  and Germany "VL Geschichte" -  Greece  -  Hungary  -  Iceland  - Ireland  - Italy  - Latvia  -  Lithuania  -  Luxembourg  -  Macedonia (FYROM)  - Region of Macedonia - Moldavia  - Netherlands  - Malta  - Norway  -  Poland  -  Portugal  -  Romania  -  Russia  -  Scandinavia - Scotland -  Slovenia  -  Spain  -  Spanish contemporary history - Sweden  -  Switzerland  -  Turkey  - Ukraine  - United Kingdom  - Wales  - Yugoslavia

Australia  -  New Zealand  -  Oceania -   Pacific Studies VL

2.History by Eras and Epochs

General - Prehistory - Celtic Europe - History of the Classical World - Ancient Near East -
Ancient Egypt - Ancient Greeks (See History of the Classical World) - Hellenistic Age - (Ancient Rome, see now History of the Classical World) - Medieval Britain - Medieval Europe - Early Modern History (In German only) - Virtual Library Zeitgeschichte - The Cold War - Spanish contemporary history

1.Continents -2.Eras - 3.Topics - 4.Methods

3.History by Topics:

Archaeology/Anthropology -African-Archaeology -UK archaeology online - Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe - Architecture  - VL Art History - VL Chinese and Japanese Art History - Costume  - Economic and Business History  -  Environmental History - European Integration history - Film History  - History of Cartography  - History and Images  - Indigenous Peoples  - Islam  - Labor History  - Legal History - Maritime History  -   History of Medicine  - Military History  - Religious Missions  - History of Science  -  History of Slavery - Urban History  - Women's History - new VL Yiddish sources

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Naval and Maritime - Virtual Library Museen - African-Archaeology - Archaeology/Anthropology

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