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Ancient - Roman/Medieval - Ottoman- Contemporary - Modern Macedonia and the Greek Macedonian Province


Macedonia has for centuries been a home to many different peoples and cultures. To avoid ambiguities the links on the page can be divided into two categories:

1) Macedonia as a geographical and historical region

2) The Modern Macedonian state, independent since 1991 (member of the UN under the name ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ )


 The History of Geographical Macedonia - Links


Complete Ancient Macedonian monarch lineage

Alexander the Great - Brittanica

Alexander the Great - BBC history

Alexander the Great - A bibliographyCalgary University

Ptolemaic (Macedonian) dynasty in EgyptCambridge

Alexandrian campaigns - Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Ancient Macedonian Coins

Macedonia in antiquity

Ancient Macedonia

The Roman Maniple vs. The Macedonian Phalanx – Fordham

Antigonid Dynasty

Philip of Macedon's tomb? – American Archeological Institute

Former Yugoslav Rep. Macedonian historians on Ancient Macedonia

History of Ancient Macedonia

Ancient Macedon

Maps of Ancient Macedonia

Philip of Macedon's Reign, c. 359-352 BCE - Fordham

Map of Alexander's conquestsPenn State

Alexander's conquests chronologicallyWestern Washington

Falsificated ancient source - Alexander's letter to Aristotle - Fordham

Plutarch's biography of Alexander - English translation - MIT

Arrian, excerpt of Speech of Alexander - English translation - Fordham



Macedonian and Selucid wars with Rome

Macedonia the Roman province

List of Byzantine Emperors of the Macedonian dynasty

First Bulgarian Empire

Maps detailing Slavic Migration

Cyril And MethodiusRowan University

Serbian Tsar Dushan's Empire and Dushan's code

Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria

Basil the Bulgar Slayer



Ottoman Salonica - 1430-1912 – Sephardic Jewish Studies


First Balkan War and the Treaty of London - 1913

1913 Treaty of BucharestM.H. College

1914 Carnegie Reports regarding Balkan warsCornell University

Slavejkov Letters to the Exarch, 1874 - Wikisource

Serbian geopolitics and Macedonism

Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMARO)

Ethnic and Historical origins of FYR Macedonia

Young Turk Declaration - 1908 - Fordham

Effort to prevent the outbreak of the 2nd Balkan War

Ethnic Rivalry and the Quest for Macedonia, 1870-1913 - Columbia

Historical MapsTexas University

Yugoslavia's Five Most Important Leaders after Tito - OSA

Holocaust of Thessaloniki's Jews – American Holocaust Muesum

War and Revolution in Yugoslavia: 1941-45

Treaty of Neuilly, 1919 - Populations of Macedonia – Brigham


Former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaRepublic of Macedonia (1991-present)- links

Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia

The Breakup of Yugoslavia and Macedonian Independence – by Valentine Smith

Greece and FYR Macedonia name controversy

Skopje Online

Economic Chamber of Macedonia

FY Republic Macedonia and the 2001 Albanian war - Wikipedia

Human rights Watch: Republic of Macedonia

Demographics of the Republic of Macedonia

Parliament Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

President of the Republic of Macedonia

Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Ministry of Justice

Text of the 2001 Ohrid Agreement

List of Macedonian Legislations in English

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of – US State Dept.

Text of the Interim Accord between Greece and the FY Republic of Macedonia

Disambiguation of the term Macedonia

Political Parties in the FY Republic of Macedonia





Related WWW-VL History Sites:  Albania History, Greece History, Yugoslavia History, Bulgaria History, Republic of Macedonia History


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