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A People's Europe

A People's Europe gathers websites or portals providing practical information about the European citizen's rights and opportunities in the EU and provides information that brings Europe closer to the people by offering them a means to understanding the European machine in layman's terms.

I. Practical Information

    Active Citizenship Network: The mission of the Active Citizenship Network is to promote and support the construction of a European citizenship as an active citizenship” meaning the exercise of powers and responsibilities of citizens in policy making.

    Aktion Europa: Die Bundesregierung hat die Initiative „aktion europa“ in Zusammenarbeit mit der „Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission in Deutschland“ und dem „Informationsbüro des Europäischen Parlaments für Deutschland“ ins Leben gerufen, um mit den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern, Vereinen, Verbänden, Parteien und Multiplikatoren einen intensiven Dialog über europapolitische Themen zu führen.

    Dialogue with Citizens: Dialogue with Citizens provides you with detailed practical information on your rights and opportunities in the EU and its Internal Market plus advice on how to exercise these rights in practice. For example, you can learn more about living, working and studying in another EU country.

    Les Euronautes: La Communauté des jeunes qui bougent en Europe.

    Europa Informationen: Portal for European citizens.

    The European Ombudsman

    Europe Direct: Europe Direct is a service which will help you find an answer to your questions about the European Union.

    The European Consumers’ Organisation: "BEUC, the European Consumers' Organisation, is the Brussels based federation of 36 independent national consumer organisations from the EU, accession and EEA countries. Our job is to try to influence, in the consumer interest, the development of EU policy and to promote and defend the interests of all European consumers."

    The European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO): "[...] The “European Union Democracy Observatory” (EUDO) seeks to address these shortcomings by evaluating democratic performance in the EU context and developing practical suggestions for improving the quality of democracy. Its goal is to produce a permanent and periodic assessment of democratic practices within the EU. This observatory, in addition to serving as a forum to exchange ideas and best practices, will constitute an indispensable resource for policy makers, academics and, crucially, the citizens throughout Europe."

    eYouguide to your rights online

    The Future of Europe: The Future of Europe - Our opinion Counts is a transnational project that will contribute to the European dimension of the public debate on the future of Europe.

    My Europe@home

    The National Forum on Europe: "The National Forum on Europe has since 2001 promoted a national debate on the European Union, on its future and on Ireland's role in it."

    Office commun de formation européenne (OCFE): Citizens at Eurocitizens service

    Place de l'Europe: Le rendez-vous européen des élus locaux

    WelcomeEurope.com: "Welcomeurope.com has been created by french and dutch experts willing to initiate closer cooperation between local actors and the European institutions. Welcomeurope covers 3 mains areas to assist you successfully in european funding: Information and follow-up on european fundings, Training sessions to apply for fundings, Consulting on Eu applications procedures."

    1000 debates on Europe-a Constitution for Europe: "On 9 July 2004, the representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and of the Committee of the Regions invited European and national political leaders and regional and local elected representatives to take an active part in presenting and explaining the European Constitution to their publics. In support of this initiative, the European institutions are organising "1000 debates on Europe"."

    Information about Europe

      A Citizen’s Europe: Europe in 12 lessons’ on the portal site of the European Union.

      Centro nazionale di informazione e documentazione europea (CIDE): "Il Cide è stato costituito con contratto tra la Repubblica italiana e la Comunità europea, nella forma di gruppo europeo di interesse economico (g.e.i.e.). Il Cide svolge una funzione, a carattere istituzionale, di osservazione costante delle istituzioni, del diritto e delle politiche dell'Unione Europea. In contatto diretto e continuo con i centri decisionali di Bruxelles e di Strasburgo, il Cide è in grado di individuare nuove opportunità in una prospettiva internazionale di lavoro e di mercato."

      D@dalos-European Union Subject Group: The English-language version of the international UNESCO education server D@dalos dedicated to civic and peace education provides information on the European Union and the history of European integration.

      Eu-Citizen.Com: EU-CITIZEN.COM is an Internet site in French and English created by Fenêtre sur l’Europe at the service of all Europeans.

      Euro-Initiative: Information about Europe and the European Union.

      Euros du village: Information about Europe and the European Union.

      europa einfach e.V.: "Die Gründungsmitglieder von europa einfach e.V. sind im Wesentlichen junge Journalisten, die in den vergangenen fünf Jahren die Website europa-digital.de entwickelt haben. Für diese Website übernimmt der Verein die Herausgeberschaft. - europa einfach will als Makler in der Europakommunikation mit neuen Ideen alte Vorbehalte in Bezug auf Europa überwinden. - europa einfach ist überparteilich und beschäftigt sich nicht mit politischen Inhalten sondern mit ihrer Vermittlung. - europa einfach ist auch bei der Frage "Mehr Integration oder mehr Nationalstaat?" unabhängig. Europa ist kontrovers lebendiger."

      European Parliament Fact Sheets: "This electronic edition of Fact Sheets, produced by the European Parliament's Directorate-General for Research, [...] continues the efforts to return to its original purpose, providing non-specialists with a general view of the process of European integration. We have tried to keep things simple, clear and concise and to preserve a format that is as consistent and straightforward as possible."

      Jacques Delors European Information Centre: "The Jacques Delors European Information Centre - European grouping of Economic Interest - created on 8th December of 1994 - has as founding members, the European Union and the Portuguese State. Together with Rome and Paris, it constitutes one of the three big Centres on European Information. Aim: Encourage citizens' participation, especially young people, in the life and construction of Europe through the information and debate on community subjects. Public targeted: Young people, teachers, investigators, lusofonia and multipliers of information. Activities: Edition of works, Development of Contents, Documental treatment, Training, Debates, Seminars, Exhibitions, Theaters, Games, Ateliers, Contests, Question-Answer Service, Support to users. Departments: The Jacques Delors European Information Centre carrys a service of proactive information through the cooperation of its units: Information, Training and Communication."

      Toute l'Europe.fr (former Sources d'Europe): Portail proposant une information pédagogique sur l'Union européenne (cartes, animations), un suivi quotidien de l'actualité et un espace de discussion.

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