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Websites dedicated to eminent figures who have influenced the European Integration Process through their contributions within the national and/or European spheres.


    Oral History Project: The European Commission 1958-1972. Memories of an institution/: "The European Commission 1958-1972. Memories of an institution" is an oral history programme on the history and memoirs of that institution. It comprises 113 transcriptions of interviews collected from the “actors”, European high officials who carried out their functions at the Commission or in other Community institutions.

    Oral History Project: Voices on Europe/: "Voices on Europe" is an oral history programme on European integration. It includes 104 transcripts of interviews with politicians, diplomats and executive officials from eight member States, engaged in the European integration process.

    Interviews section of European NAvigator: "The ‘Interviews’ section of ENA, the CVCE asks individuals who have played a part in or witnessed the various aspects of the European integration process to talk about their experiences. These audio-visual archives, consisting of exclusive interviews, provide vivid accounts of the important episodes in the history of European integration."

    Special file: French accounts of the European integration process: "The CVCE has carried out a series of exclusive interviews with French figures who, as a result of the posts that they have held during their careers, have witnessed the European integration process and played a key role in it."

Konrad Adenauer

Willy Brandt

Winston Churchill

Emilio Colombo

Alcide de Gasperi

    http://www.degasperi.net/: "Alcide De Gasperi nella storia d'Europa". Research project dedicated to Alcide de Gasperi promoted by the Istituto Luigi Sturzo.

Charles de Gaulle

Denis de Rougemont

Hans-Dietrich Genscher

Constantin Karamanlis

Bruno Kreisky

Jean Monnet

Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb

Robert Schuman

Mario Soares

Paul-Henri Spaak

Altiero Spinelli

Margaret Thatcher

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