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The Bruges Group: "The Bruges Group is an independent all-party think tank. Our independence is our strength allowing us to be free to follow our own policy agenda and put the national interest above party political considerations."

Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB): The CIB has established a position on the Web because we seek to use every medium available to promote the message that if the United Kingdom wishes to remain a self-governing democracy it must withdraw from the European Union.

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO): Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a European-based research and campaign group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of corporations and their lobby groups.

Euro-Know: Euro-Know aims to bring you the facts about the Euro, which we firmly believe would be bad for Britain and will not ultimately succeed for the 12 countries who have just joined it.

The European Foundation: "The European Foundation provides both challenging arguments and solid facts on the European Union that will benefit you no matter from which side of the debate you approach the issue."

European Referendum Campaign

Eurosceptic.com: The Eurosceptical Portal.

Nej till EU: Swedish Eurosceptical website.

New Europe: Supports British membership in the European Union but is against British participation in a single European currency.

No to the EU: "No to the EU" is the main and in fact the only broad "cross-political" organization opposed to Norwegian membership of the EU

Research Centre Free Europe: The Centre was established in 2001 to explore the likely effects of membership of the EU on Estonia. Since then the centre has become involved on a more international front participating in seminars and conferences exploring the effects of EU policy on all of Europe.

TEAM-The European Alliance of EU-critical Movements: TEAM is an information network linking 47 organisations, political party and non-party, from 18 countries across Europe. It includes democratic and non-racist organisations from the centre, left and right of the political spectrum.

UK Independence Party: The UK Independence Party is committed to withdrawing Britain from the European Union.

Youth for a free Europe: Youth For a Free Europe is the leading non-party campaign for young people who oppose a centralised, or federal, European State.

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