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    Council for European Studies: The Council for European Studies, a cross-disciplinary consortium of North American universities and colleges founded in 1970, provides an efficient gateway to other resources available on the world wide web.

    EuroDocs-Western European Primary Historical Documents: EuroDocs is a portal providing links to Western European (mainly primary) historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated.

    Euro-Guide: Euroguide is a subject gateway to websites containing information about the European Union. It has been developed by Essex County Libraries with input from members of the EARL European Task Group. EARL (Electronic Access to Resources in Libraries) is a consortium of 146 public library authorities.

    EuroInternet: Information Resources Related to European Integration in the Internet: EuroInternet provides you with the most comprehensive collection of internet resources for all issues concerning the integration of Europe”.

    European History: A Guide to Resources: This Site is created and maintained by Barbara Walden University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.

    European Research Papers Archives: The ERPA (European Research Papers Archives) is a network of several research institutions, among them the Harvard Jean Monnet Chair and the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute, which provides a common access point for the online working paper series of the participating institutions in order to help researchers in the field of European Integration studies searching the growing number of working papers now available in the internet. They are mainly dealing with legal, economic and political aspects of European Integration.

    Guide to Research in European History: (electronic resources) made by Laura Reiner, Reference Librarian, Brandeis University Libraries.

    UNESCO-Guide to European National Archives: Portal to National and/or State Archives in Europe.

    [WWW VL Logo]WWW Virtual Library: West European Studies: General West European Resources and European Union Resources: Teaching the European Union - Member State Perspective Reports - Enlargement: Baltic and Central and East European Candidate Countries; Bibliographies - European Union: Research Guides - European Union: Basic Information Sources - European Union: Guide to Locating Information & Publications in the University Library System.


    Archive of European Integration-University of Pittsburgh: "The AEI is an electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topic of European integration and unification. The AEI collects two types of materials: certain types of independently-produced research materials and official European Community/European Union documents"

    The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School publishes Historical Documents mainly on US Foreign Policy. But there is also a site on Western European Security and Co-operation 1948-.

    BBC - Milestones of the EU: Watch and listen to events as they happened with audio and video from the BBC archive.

    Celex: The CELEX website gives comprehensive and authoritative information on EU law. It offers multilingual full-text coverage of a wide range of legal acts and provides access to the founding treaties, as well as to binding and non-binding legislation. Included is also Case-law of the European Court of Justice.”

    Centro nazionale di informazione e documentazione europea (CIDE): "Il Cide è stato costituito con contratto tra la Repubblica italiana e la Comunità europea, nella forma di gruppo europeo di interesse economico (g.e.i.e.). Il Cide svolge una funzione, a carattere istituzionale, di osservazione costante delle istituzioni, del diritto e delle politiche dell'Unione Europea. In contatto diretto e continuo con i centri decisionali di Bruxelles e di Strasburgo, il Cide è in grado di individuare nuove opportunità in una prospettiva internazionale di lavoro e di mercato."

    The Council of Europe Media Archive: Video and Audio material about speeches made to the Assembly of the Council of Europe.

    Ellopos-The European Prospect: Ellopos-The European Prsopect contains various documents about the history of Europe from the ancient times until today.

    EU History-Leiden University: The History of European Integration Site at Leiden University contains documents, books reviews, links about post 1945 European History and the Cold War.

    EUR-LEX: EUR-LEX database provides access to Community Treaties and Community legislation in force.

    EURISTOTE database: Euristote is a university research database on European integration. Euristote covers various aspects associated with European integration such as integration theories, basic and general aspects of European integration; institutional and legal issues; economic, social and cultural issues; political issues; history of the European integration.

    European NAvigator: European NAvigator is a multimedia database documenting the history of European integration and enlargement from 1945 to the present day, developed by the Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe) (http://www.cvce.lu). It provides you with a means of finding out about the history of Europe through a wide variety of documentary resources: contextual documents, interactive maps and diagrams, photos, interviews and original historical documents (press articles, cartoons, notes, etc.).”

    European Union-Integration process and European citizenship: "This web was elaborated to be used with Upper Secondary Education students in the subject of Modern History by Juan Carlos Parque de Lisboa, Alcorcón - Madrid - SPAIN." Available booth in English, Portuguese and Spanish."

    Ina-50 ans de construction européenne: The website of the 'Institut national de l’audiovisuel' (Ina) provides multimedia material about the history of European integration.

    Internet-Catalogue for Social Sience: The SOSIG Internet Catalogue is an online catalogue of high quality Internet resources. It offers users the chance to read descriptions of resources available over the Internet and to access those resources directly. The Catalogue points to thousands of resources, and each one has been selected and described by a librarian or academic, making this the Internet equivalent of an academic research library for the social sciences. It is also of interest for Historians.

    Lebendiges virtuelles Musem Online (LeMO): Website promoted by the 'Fraunhofer Institut für Software und Systemtechnik', the 'Deutsches Historisches Museum' and the 'Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland' offering a virtual walk through the history of Germany from 1900 until today. Many documents are of particular interest for the European integration process.

    European History Primary Sources (EHPS): European History Primary Sources (EHPS), an index of scholarly websites that offer online access to primary sources on the history of Europe. The websites listed on EHPS are not only meta-sources but also include invented archives and born digital sources.

    Questia, the online library: European History: Questia has dozens of books and journal articles on European history. But, you have to subscribe "to read the entire work, and all of our over 70,000 books and articles".

    Rapid: The RAPID NG database, a service runned by the DG PRESS, contains all the Press Releases of the Commission since 1985, the great majority of them in at least two languages. It also contains Press Releases of some of the other European institutions, particularly the Council of the Union. Press releases of the Commission are available in at least English and French (the working languages of the Commission Press Room), while many of the Press Releases are available in all EC languages.

    The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent Federal agency that provides electronic public access to Federal records.

    Reden über die Zukunft Europas: This online-project was initiated in 2000 by Prof. Dr. Heinz Jürgen Axt (Universität Duisburg-Essen). It contains comments on selected speeches, analyses and information about the history of the political integration in Europe.

    What has Europe ever done for us?: Website presented by the European Movement including animation, forum and information about Europe's contribution to our daily life.

    Zeitgeschichte Information System (ZIS)-University of Innsbruck: The ZIS Database of the University of Innsbruck - a gate to the Internet. An annotated and searchable selection currently 663 Internet addresses for the Science of History, with a primary focus on Contemporary History. Contains primary sources of 20th century Austrian History, such as Austria and European Integraion 1947-1995.


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