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There is, as yet, no discussion list dealing specifically with the history of European Integration. One has to refer to the following History lists where the history of European Integration is discussed:

    Clio Online - An Online Gateway to Historical Resources. "Clio-online represents an alliance of German libraries and research institutions that have come together to develop a central Internet gateway for the historical sciences in Germany. Sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and headed by the historian Prof. Dr. Wilfried Nippel, Clio-inline provides a wide array of online-resources to the scholarly and general public."

    H-Net Discussion Network. Other History Lists are available from the H-Net Discussion Network. "H-Net's e-mail lists function as electronic networks, linking professors, teachers and students in an egalitarian exchange of ideas and materials. Every aspect of academic life-research, teaching, controversies new and old-is open for discussion; decorum is maintained by H-Net's dedicated editors."

    H-Albion. British and Irish History.

    H-Diplo. "the H-NET discussion list dedicated to the study of diplomatic and international history".

    H-France. French History. "H-France is an electronic forum for the discussion of all aspects of the history and culture of the Francophone world. H-France is part of the H-Net family of electronic discussion groups for humanists. Anyone may subscribe but preference is given to teachers, professors, scholars, librarians, and graduate students. Undergraduate students may join the list but must be sponsored by their instructor."

    H-German. German History.

    H-Italy. Italian History.

    H-Mediterranean. Mediterranean history discussion.

    H-Russia. H-Russia "is a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. H-Russia encourages scholarly discussion of Russian and Soviet history and makes available diverse bibliographical, research and teaching aids."

    H-Skand. Scandinavian History.

    H-Soz-u-Kult provides Communication and Information Services for Historians.

    historicum.net-Geschichts-und Kulturwissenschaften im Internet  "historicum.net präsentiert mit Themenportalen, elektronischen Journalen, Rezensionen, Materialien für den Einsatz in Unterricht und Lehre, der Dokumentation aktueller Diskussionen, Terminankündigungen und umfangreichen Linksammlungen ein interdisziplinäres Informationsangebot für die Geschichts- und Kunstwissenschaften."

    Eh.net. Economic History. "EH.Net, a chartered organization, was created in 1993 to assist economists, historians and related social scientists through the use of electronic communication and information technology. EH.Net currently operate file servers in Economic History and the History of Economics. We also provide several free electronic discussion lists to provide resources and promote communication among scholars and students in business history, economic history, the history of economics, and related fields. Server resources and list topics are international in scope, and promote scholarly communication among a large audience of professionals with similar interests. EH.Net is owned and supported by several sponsoring organizations: the Business History Conference, The Cliometric Society, the Economic History Association, the Economic History Society, and the History of Economics Society. EH.Net grants membership status to scholarly organizations and provides them with server and list support to further their objectives of scholarship and teaching."

    Habsburg. Culture and History of the Central European Habsburg Monarchy and its successor states. "We are affiliated with the Center for Austrian Studies, the Society for Austrian and Habsburg History, the Czechoslovak History Conference, and the American Association for the Study of Hungarian History. HABSBURG is the community within H-Net dealing with the culture and history of the Habsburg Monarchy and its successor states in central Europe from 1500 to the present."

    Vascoda. "vascoda is an internet-portal which offers a central access point to a wide array of scientific and scholarly information in Germany. vascoda is a cooperative network of major libraries and information providers in Germany, as well as their international partners. The vascoda-gateway systematically integrates resources of participating institutions, thus offering a variety of search strategies. vascoda will become an important venue for research by providing efficient access to a great variety of relevant resources. vascoda is the nucleus of a future comprehensive "scholarly and scientific information portal" in Germany. vascoda is sponsored by the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) and the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) - the two most significant sponsors of public information infrastructure in Germany. vascoda provides access to the so-called "hidden" or "invisible" web. By integrating library OPACs, databases and other bibliographic information into the searches, vascoda makes the invisible web visible. Currently, vascoda incorporates more than 20 virtual libraries and 4 scientific information networks, thus offering access to a wide variety of subjects. In addition to these services, the Electronic Journals Library offers licensing information for electronic journals."

    Zeitgeschichte online "Zeitgeschichte-online" ist ein gemeinsames Projekt des Zentrums für Zeithistorische Forschung (ZZF) und der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SBB), mit dem  seit Januar 2003 ein Themenportal für die Zeitgeschichte im Internet entwickelt wird. Ziel des Vorhabens ist es, einen zentralen zeithistorischen Einstiegspunkt in das WWW für die Geschichtswissenschaften im deutschsprachigen Raum zu schaffen und auszubauen. Das Portal ist ein Modul von "CLIO-online" (www.clio-online.de) und wird in enger Kooperation mit der Kommunikationsplattform "H-Soz-u-Kult" (http://hsozkult.geschichte.hu-berlin.de) erarbeitet. Mit ihm sollen die fachwissenschaftliche Kommunikation und Diskussion sowie der Nachweis und die Vermittlung zeithistorisch relevanter Informationen durch die Nutzung der Möglichkeiten des Internet verbessert werden. Die mit dem Projekt angestrebte Erschließung und Aufbereitung von Inhalten bietet neben einer neuen Qualität der fachlichen Information auch erweiterte Möglichkeiten der interaktiven Nutzung, die wissenschaftliche Information, Produktion und Rezeption in neuartiger Weise miteinander verbinden."

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