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    [WWW VL Logo] WWW VL - History: The History Journals Guide, edited by Stefan Blaschke. The chapter on the European Historical Journals gives you free access to the latest issues of the electronical newsletter which provides information about journals and mailing lists added to the History Journals Guide, about announcements (e.g. awards, calls for papers), about online articles and online reviews, and about other web resources.

    NewJour - Electronic Journals and Newsletters. An Internet list for new journals and newsletters available on the Internet.

    Electronic Journals: A Selected Resource Guide from Harrassowitz. "This Resource guide is an introduction to the rapidly growing field of electronic journals. The sources are spread broadly across the library literature, and this guide attempts to select a representative, but not exhaustive, group of publications that cover the history of e-journals and the main issues involved in their production, management and use. The guide also suggests starting points for more in-depth investigations, and includes sources for keeping current with ongoing developments in electronic journals."

    International Association of Labour History Institutions - IALHInet - Serials Service. The members of IALHInet are offering the tables of contents of serials starting from January 1st, 1997. Several journals are Italian Social History Journals like: Archivi e imprese, Bollettino dell'Archivio per la storia del movimento sociale cattolico in Italia, Quaderni di storia, Quaderni storici, Società e storia, Spagna contemporanea, Stato e mercato, Storia urbana, Storica, Studi Storici.

    EUI Logo] Complete list of Electronic journal accessible from the EUI Library. This list contains the titles of the EUI Library periodicals collection accessible on the Web in four levels: tables of contents/abstracts, selected articles, full-text (where printed copy exists also), full text (Electronic text only). In most cases access is free, but the electronic journals subscribed to by the EUI may be limited to the EUI internet domain.

    The PubList.com: an Ullrich's internet directory of serial publications give also journals listed by topics. History journals are part of the Social Sciences Journals available at [http://www.publist.com/indexes/HIS.html] and a geographical list which contains Italian history journals listed alphabetically together with European History Journals: Subject Browse: HISTORY / Europe / General.

    D'Història - el fil d'Ariana: Revistes/ Journals/ Revues/ Revistas, (Modern & Contemporary History, related disciplines).

    Directory of Scholarly Electronic Journals and Academic Discussion Lists. ARL - Association of Research Libraries, (WashingtonDC - USA)

    Magazine Stacks. Tables of Contents of Historical Journals and Monographic Series in German. "Das Zeitschriftenfreihandmagazin bildet eine geschützte Datenbank. Im Rahmen des Datenbankschutzrechts ist die gewerbliche Nutzung ebenso wie die Vervielfältigung (Spiegeln auf fremden Servern) auch zur Verwendung im akademischen Unterricht untersagt."

    Il Mulino: "Lo spazio dell'opinione: Le riviste di cultura e politica in Europa: In occasione del cinquantesimo anniversario della rivista "Il Mulino", nei giorni 1 e 2 giugno 2001 si è tenuto a Bologna un convegno internazionale dedicato al ruolo degli intellettuali e delle riviste di cultura e politica in Europa. In queste pagine rendiamo disponibili i testi originali degli interventi delle prime due sessioni, alcuni dei quali andranno a costituire una sezione monografica di un prossimo numero del "Mulino"."

    EUI Logo] European Integration Current Contents. "European Integration Current Contents provides access to the tables of contents of journals relevant in European Integration research - law, human rights, economics, history and political sciences. Currently it covers 106 journals published in nine languages and 14 countries. Where available, abstracts are also included. On a biweekly and monthly basis we publish the tables of contents of journals newly arrived at the European University Institute (EUI) and NYU School of Law libraries. For most journals we also provide a cumulative set of tables of content covering issues since the beginning of '98 for those interested in developments over the last years. This service started in spring '99 as the Jean Monnet Table of Contents Service, mainly covering European Integration journals in the areas of law and human rights. Cooperation with the EUI Library now allows us to extend coverage to economics, history and political sciences."


    Bulletin du M.I.R.E.H.C. - Mémoires, identités, représentations, histoire comparative de l'Europe. Université de Toulouse Le Miral, CNRS.

    Cahiers européens d'Houjarray : "Le Webzine sur l'Europe de l'Association Jean Monnet."

    Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po : Selection of articles from vol 1, 2000-.

    Contemporary European History. Access to the TOC's from vol 8, 1999-.

    Etudes européennes: The "European studies" magazine is only broadcasted on the Internet and doesn't have any printed copy.The magazine is published 3 times a year with current additional articles which are published monthly (depending on the current news).

    Europa. "The new European Union and European matters are currently discussed in schools, universities and amongst the thinking population within and outside of Europe in more detail than ever before. Europa is conceived to respond to this awareness and stimulate it further. It is an international journal covering aspects of European culture, art, civilisation and ways of living. The contributions come from experts in the relevant areas and are in a language and style which allow them to be read not only as aids to formal study but also as elements of genuine interest to the informed lay person". Table of Contents available from Volume 1, 1996-.

    EUmagazin. Unabhängige Zeitschrift für Wirtschaft, Recht und Politik in der Europäischen Union. View table of contents on Internet through Nomos Verlag 3/2000-.

    European History Quarterly. European History Quarterly has earned an international reputation as an essential resource on European history, publishing articles by eminent historians on a range of subjects from the later Middle Ages to post-1945. European History Quarterly also features review articles by leading authorities, offering a comprehensive survey of recent literature in a particular field, as well as an extensive book review section, enabling you to keep up to date with what's being published in your field. The journal also features historiographical essays. Table of Contents available from Volume 30, Issue 1, January 2000-.

    European Integration online papers. Academic journal exclusively published on Internet: "the only peer reviewed E-journal in the field of European integration. Founding member of European Research Papers Archive, ERPA, Indexed in Research Papers in Economics, Included in Social Science Information Gateway, Archived by the Österr. Nationalbibliothek. The EIoP are published by ECSA-Austria since 10 April 1997 (editorial board). The editor-in-chief is Dr. Michael Nentwich." Access to the contents of the Volumes from 1997-.

    European Journal of Industrial Relations. The European Journal of Industrial Relations is the principal English-language forum for the analysis of key developments in European industrial relations and their theoretical and practical implications. The journal is essential reading for both academics and practitioners concerned with current and emergent trends in industrial and employment relations in Europe and elsewhere. Electronic contents from Volume 3, Issue 1, March 1997-.

    European Journal of International Relations. "Published under the auspices of the Standing Group on International Relations of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), the European Journal of International Relations is an exciting scholarly venture dedicated to the stimulation and dissemination of research and scholarship in International Relations throughout the academic community in all parts of Europe and beyond. The European Journal of International Relations pays special attention to conceptual, normative and formal theories, seeking in particular to foster an awareness of methodological and epistemological questions in the study of International Relations. It reflects research and developments of both a theoretical and an empirical nature in the major sub-areas of the field, including Foreign Policy Analysis, International Organization, Strategy and Conflict, International Law and International Political Economy. It also aims to bring to the attention of scholars new developments in the field, as well as focusing on Europe and its sub-regions."

    European Journal of the History of Economic Thought. The EJHET is a peer-reviewed journal, has quickly established itself as a leading forum for lively discussion on a wide range of issues in the history of economic thought. With contributions from both established international scholars and younger academics, EJHET is entirely pluralist and non-partisan with regard to subjects and methodologies - it does not subscribe to any particular current of thought, nor relate to any one geographic zone. Links to the Table of contents from Volume 1-.

    European Law Journal: The European Law Journal represents an authoritative new approach to the study of European Law, developed specifically to express and develop the study and understanding of European law in its social, cultural, political and economic context. It has an internationally reputed board of editors. The journal fills a major gap in the current literature on all issues of European law, and is essential reading for anyone studying or practising EU law and its diverse impact on the environment, national legal systems, local government, corporate organizations, and European citizens.

    European Review of Economic History. European Review of Economic History provides an important new source of insight into European economic history, which is accessible to readers from a variety of different backgrounds. The objective is to further research, scholarship, and understanding of economic structure, change, and economic development in Europe since early modern times.

    European Review. "The European Review is a unique international journal covering a wide range of subjects. It has a strong emphasis on Europe and on economics, history, social science, and general aspects of the sciences. Two issues each year are devoted mainly or entirely to a single subject and deal in depth with a topic of contemporary importance in Europe in which relevant aspects of natural science are integrated; the other issues cover a wide range of subjects but usually include a mini-review. Past issues dealt with From decolonisation to post-colonialism; The imagination and the sea; The future of the welfare state; Japan and Europe; Eurocentrism; Human rights; The consequences of European unification on legal education, culture, politics and the intelligentsia, the media, education and democracy; Democracy in the 21st century, using the Web in the democratic process; Making labour history interesting; and Living in real and virtual worlds."

    European Review of History. The Revue Européenne d'Histoire is an international journal covering European history of all centuries and subdisciplines. It aims to create a forum for ideas from across Europe, to encourage the most innovatory research, to make diverse historiographies better known and to practically assist exchanges between young historians. The journal is divided into three parts, each with its own distinct features: Part I contains articles based on original research, which also consider questions of wider interest, whether of theory, historiography, methodology or comparison. Part II consists of reviews and review articles, intended to spread knowledge of the latest work across Europe and thus to open up national historiographies. Part III aims to help researchers practically, by providing information about grants, archives, university networks, centres of research, conferences and similar matters. European Review of History - Revue Européenne d'Histoire is published on behalf of the European Association of Young Historians, which was founded in France by the Association des Jeunes Historiens." Table of contents from Volume 4-.

    European Studies - A Journal of European Culture, History and Politics. European Studies-An Interdisciplinary Series in European Culture, History and Politics< (formerly Yearbook of European Studies/Annuaire d'Etudes Européennes). Table of contents from Volume 1-.

    European Union Politics. "European Union Politics stimulates the scientific debate on the political unification of Europe and bridges the gap between the theoretical and empirical analyses in this area. The journal publishes high quality articles on all aspects of European Union politics, including the theory of integration, decision making in the European Union, the political aspects of fiscal and monetary policy integration, and the relations between the EU and the non-member states. European Union Politics particularly welcomes articles that offer a new theoretical argument, analyse original data in a novel fashion or present an innovative methodological approach. The editorial team invites submissions from any sub-field of contemporary political science, including international relations, comparative politics, political economy, public administration, public policy, and political theory. While contributing to new developments at the cutting edge of theory and method, the journal is also accessible to students and policy experts."

    Eurozine the netmagazine publishes original texts on the most pressing issues of our times. We also present articles and reviews published in our partner magazines. The articles are available in several languages to open up a new public sphere for communication and debate.

    Intermarium. "Intermarium provides an electronic medium for noteworthy scholarship and provocative thinking about the history and politics of Central and Eastern Europe following World War II. The journal is meant to broaden the discourse on aspects of national histories that are undergoing change thanks to the availability of new documentation from recently opened archives. Its name, Intermarium, reflects East Central Europe's geographic location between the seas: Baltic, Adriatic and Black. The editors' purpose is to facilitate interaction between scholarly communities by making research, essays, commentaries, documents, and reviews from the region available in English. It is a project of the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Center." Access to the contents of the Volumes from 1997-.

    Jahrbuch für Europäische Geschichte. "Das Jahrbuch für Europäische Geschichte stellt sich vor - als Forum: Experten aus den europäischen Ländern nehmen Stellung zu herausragenden Themen, Problemen und Grundsatzfragen der europäischen Geschichte - als Podium: für die ausgewiesenen Kenner aus Europa und Übersee, die Forschungstrends und Forschungsergebnisse aus ihren Ländern vorstellen - als Arena: für Originalbeiträge vorwiegend jüngerer Wissenschaftler. Das Jahrbuch veröffentlicht in seinem Aufsatzteil wissenschaftliche Arbeiten, die die Europaidee und die Praxis und die Formen europäischer Zusammenarbeit im Wandel der Jahrhunderte (einschließlich der unausgereiften Anläufe von Europäisierungsprozessen) die geistigen, sozialen, ökonomischen und kulturellen Prozesse übergreifenden Charakters ("Europäisierung Europas") die Beziehungsgeschichten europäischer Staaten, Völker und Kulturen den "Export" europäischer Ideen, Institutionen, Texte und Mentalitäten nach Außereuropa behandeln".

    Jahrbuch für europäische Verwaltungsgeschichte (JEV) - Yearbook of European Administrative History (JEV) . "Since 1989 the Yearbook of European Administrative History has been published in cooperation with scholars from mainly Western Europe. The Yearbook covers public administration in Europe from the 17th to the 20th century. It is the only comparative and interdisciplinary periodical in this field of research. Each volume focuses on a special subject. The "Forum" section allows information and criticism. Articles are published in German, French, Italian or English. Summaries are in English. The Yearbook's target group embraces researchers in the field of public administration, as well as historians, jurists, political scientists, sociologists and economists." Table of contents from Volume 1989-.

    Journal of Common Market Studies "JCMS, the Journal of Common Market Studies, is produced under the auspices of UACES, the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, and is published by Blackwell. The JCMS is the leading journal in the field, publishing high quality, and accessible articles on the latest European Integration issues. For 40 years the Journal has been the forum for the development and evaluation of theoretical and empirical issues in the politics and economics of European integration, focussing principally on developments within the European Union. The JCMS aims to achieve a disciplinary balance between political science and economics, including the various sub-disciplines such as monetary economics, fiscal policy, political economy, public policy studies, public administration and international relations. In addition to mainstream theoretical and empirical articles, the JCMS publishes shorter pieces in its European Agenda section which focus on specific policy areas or which report the results of specialised research projects. Each year a special issue is devoted to a comprehensive review of the activities of the European Union in the previous year. The JCMS is committed to deepening the theoretical understanding of European integration. It will continue to develop as the primary forum for the analysis of all aspects relating to the process of European integration".

    Journal of Contemporary European Studies. The Journal of Contemporary European Studies (previously Journal of European Area Studies) seeks to provide a forum for interdisciplinary debate about the theory and practice of area studies as well as for empirical studies of European societies, politics and cultures. The central area focus of the journal is European in its broadest geographical definition. However, the examination of European 'areas' and themes are enhanced as a matter of editorial policy by non-European perspectives. The Journal intends to attract the interest of both cross-national and single-country specialists in European studies and to counteract the worst features of Eurocentrism with coverage of non-European views on European themes. Table of contents from Volume 7 (1999)-.

    Journal of European Integration - Revue d'Intégration Européenne. "The journal publishes articles with a focus on European integration and an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective, thus integrating politics, economics, law, history, and sociology. European integration is understood as pan-European rather than as merely the EU, though the bulk of contributions might be devoted to the latter. It occasionally presents comparative studies of federalism, other forms of regional integration, and articles dealing with EU external relations, whether in the trade or security policy field. The main purpose of the journal is to serve a wide readership which implies that articles should be of a general rather than a specific or specialised nature. In other words, whilst the emphasis should be on scholarly work (analysis rather than description), it should provide explanations about the process of integration in a historical and comparative fashion, and avoid specific or highly specialised writings." Table of contents from Volume 24 (2002)-.

    Journal of European Integration History. View table of contents on Internet through Nomos Verlag 1/2000- and also through European Integration Current Contents (EICC)

    Mediterranean Studies Mediterranean Studies is sponsored by the Mediterranean Studies Association and supported by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University, and the >University of Kansas<.  It is published by Ashgate Publishing  This peer-reviewed hardbound volume usually consists of about fourteen essays drawn from a wide range of disciplines. The annual is edited by Richard W. Clement, University of Kansas; Geraldo U. de Sousa, University of Kansas; Robert E. Bjork, Arizona State University; and Angel Felices Lago, Universidad de Granada. An Editorial Bord of active scholars reviews submissions. Table of contents from Volume 1(1989)-.

    Politique européenne: Table of contents from Volume 1, 2000-.

    SEER - South East Europe Review. For Labour and Social Affairs. View table of contents on Internet through Nomos Verlag 1/2000-.

    SEH - Studies in 20th and 21st Century European History. (Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen)

    Suedosteuropa - Zeitschrift für Gegenwartsforschung. "Südosteuropa ist die Monatsschrift der Abteilung Gegenwartsforschung des Südost-Instituts. Sie berichtet über die Staaten Südosteuropas (Albanien, Bulgarien, früheres Jugoslawien, Rumänien, Ungarn), kommentiert aktuelle Ereignisse in diesen Ländern und analysiert politische, wirtschaftliche, soziale und kulturelle Entwicklungen von übergreifender Bedeutung." Table of contents from 1998-.

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