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[Red Arrow Image] The Italian History Index provides Internet resources on the History of Italy, whether from Italy and abroad, in both Italian and other languages. If the description of the resources are in Italian, this can be taken as indicating that no English equivalent of the pages is available. The documents and materials gathered on this site should not be taken to reflect the view of the editor.
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Italian History Index : Military History
Military History - The "Great War" (1915-1918) - Second World War & Holocaust

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About the Italian History Index
[Immagine dei Tre Stati della Rivoluzione Francese]

[Red Arrow Image] The Italian History Index is made of different pages which are always under construction. You will find here Virtual Resources produced in Italy together with other world-wide Resources that deal with the history of Italy.
[Red Arrow Image] The URL of this page is [military.html].
[Red Arrow Image] The Italian History Index is a joint project between the European University Institute's Library and the History & Civilisation Department .
[Red Arrow Image] The Italian History Index was created in April 1995 and became part of the WWW VL History Network in May 1999.
[Red Arrow Image] The Italian History Index is sending a logo to the best Italian History Sites: [Best Italian History Site recomended by the VL Italian History Index]
This page consists of a list of web-sites which we think are the best Italian History sites on the Internet made in Italy. Non-Italian sites on the history of Italy are part of The Italian History Index but are not yet part of this selection. To be elegible for this list of scientifically-evaluated sites, all web-sites should also be accessible totally and freely to a world-wide public without any kind of restriction. The Best of the Italian History Index has an Editorial Board.

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[Red Arrow Image] The site is managed by Serge Noiret [serge.noiret@eui.eu], (Ph.D. in Contemporary History, European Unversity Institute, Badia Fiesolana, Via dei Roccettini 9, I­50016 San Domenico (FI), Tel.: +39-0554685-348 - Fax +39-0554685-283), Click here for his Home Page.
Please direct your notices of new URL's or inoperative links to him here.
[Red Arrow Image] Medieval History is maintained by Prof.Pietro Corrao, University of Palermo, e-mail, home page, (Professore Straordinario di Storia Medievale, Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione - Dipartimento di Studi Storici e Artistici, Via G.Pascoli 6 - 90144 Palermo (Italia), tel. **/39/91/6956217, fax **/39/91/6956203). and by Prof.Roberto Delle Donne, University of Naples, e-mail, home page, (Professore associato di Storia medievale, Dipartimento di Discipline Storiche "Ettore Lepore", tel. 0812536301-2536562 - fax: 0812536343)
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[Red Arrow Image]E-Learning and E-Teaching Italian History through Internet is maintained by Prof.Angelo Gaudio, Professore straordinario di analisi dei sistemi educativi, (Università degli studi di Udine, Dipartimento di Scienze filosofiche e storico-sociali, Via Antonini 8, Udine, 0432 556546), Home Page: [http://space.tin.it/hrcfga/gaudio.htm], Email: [gaudio@uniud.it].

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