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  • Anderson, George L.,   Variations on a Theme: History as Knowledge of the Past. Lawrence, KS: Coronado Books, 1970
  • Bulletin of the Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research, Vol. 2, nos. 1 and 2 to Vol. 5, no.2
  • Gilbert, William,   Renaissance and Reformation . Lawrence, KS: Carrie, 1998
  • Hermansen, Max,  United States Military Logistics in the First Part of the Korean War, Lawrence KS: Carrie Books, 2003
  • Longhurst, John Edward,   The Age of Torquemada . Sandoval NM: Coronado Press, 1962: Carrie, 2003
  • Longhurst, John Edward,   Luther's Ghost in Spain (1517-1546) . Lawrence KS: Coronado Press, 1969: Carrie, 2003.
  • Nelson, Lynn H.,   The Normans in South Wales, 1070 - 1171 . Austin, TX and London: The University of Texas Press, 1966.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,  Alpamysh. Central Asian Identity under Russian Rule.    Hartford CT: AACAR, 1989
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Alpamis: Rus Yonetiminde Orta Asya Kimligi, Hartford/Connecticut, Birinci AACAR basımı, 1989. (Turkish translation of Alpamysh. Central Asian Identity under Russian Rule, published in Carrie with the agreement of the Author.) (ISBN: 0-9621379-9-5).
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,   Essays on Central Asia
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,   Turk Tarihi, Toplumlarin Mayasi, Uygarlik.   Izmir: Mazhar Zorlu Holding, 1997
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Ed.,   Central Asian Monuments.    Istanbul: ISIS Press, 1992.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,    Identities: How Governed, Who Pays ?   Lawrence KS: Carrie, 2001.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,   The Bald Boy Keloğlan and the Most Beautiful Girl in the World.    Aton: Lubbock, TX 2003.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, D.Phil.,  U.S. And Bolshevik Relations With The TBMM Government: The First Contacts, 1919-1921,  Originally published in The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies No. 12 (1994). pps. 211-251, reprinted courtesy of the author.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Lectures on Central Asia, 2005, Lectures prepared for the Course entitled Rewriting History: Emerging Identities and Nationalism in Central Asia at the Central European University, Budapest, July 2004; Florence, Carrie/EUI, 2006.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Düşüncelerin Kökenleri, Florence, Carrie/EUI, 2006.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Uzaysal Yonetim Beklerken (Awaiting Space Administration), Florence, Carrie/EUI, 2007.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Humans on Mars and beyond, H.-B. Paksoy, 2012. (HB Paksoy. All rights reserved. ISBN: 1470187221, ISBN-13: 9781470187224). Published in Carrie with the agreement of the author).
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Bagimsiz Yasam Istegi, Florence: Carrie/European University Institute, 2012. (Published in Carrie with the agreement of the Author).
  • Sconyers, David J.    British Policy and Mission Education in the Southern Sudan, 1928-1946.    unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1976  Lawrence KS: Carrie, 2002.
  • Seaver, James E.   Persecution of the Jews in the Roman Empire Kansas University Humanistic Studies, Number 30 (pp 300-439). Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas Publications, 1952
  • Simons, Algie Martin,   Social Forces in American History, New York: Macmillan Co., 1911
  • Togan, Zeki Velidi,   The Origins of the Kazaks and the Ôzbeks, 1994, edited and translated by H.B. Paksoy.
  • Togan, Zeki Velidi : Memoirs. National Existence and Cultural Struggles of Turkistan and Other Muslim Eastern Turks., translated by HB Paksoy, All rights reserved, 2012 (ISBN: 1468005685, ISBN 13: 9781468005684). (Note)
  • Note: This book is published in Carrie with the agreement of the translator, Prof.Hasan Bulent PAKSOY who taught at the Ohio State University, Franklin University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Baker College, Central Connecticut State University. Over the past three decades, his research papers have appeared in over sixty periodic journals and scholarly collections, in over thirty-five countries situated on all inhabited continents. Dr. Paksoy also published (as author or editor) twelve books; most are available online.H. B. PAKSOY earned his D. Phil. from Oxford University, England (with a Grant from the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom), M.A. at the University of Texas at Dallas (with a National Science Foundation Project Grant Assistantship), and B.S. at Trinity University (with Bostwick Scholarship).).


    Since there are many books that, for one reason or another, failed to gain publication or were published in such small runs that they are virtually unavailable to the public, Carrie has undertaken to scan, format and place on-line as many of these works. There is no particular order to the books selected. Some attempt has been made to make works by former members of the Departmentt of History of the University of Kansas available when CARRIE was still at KU, USA, before being moved from April 2006 to the WWW-VL History Central catalogue, European University Institute, Florence, Italy).

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