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Medieval Civilizations and Institutions
The Breakdown of Medieval Civilization, 1300-1500
The Italian City-States of the Renaissance
The Invasions of Italy 1494-1527. Machiavelli and Guicciardini
Italian Humanism
Italian Vernacular Literature
Italian Renaissance Art
The Meaning of the Italian Renaissance. Interpretation and Synthesis
The Northern Renaissance and the Background of the Reformation
Exploration and Discovery. The Beginning of the Expansion of Europe
Economic Trends and Conditions in the Sixteenth Century
The Reformation in Germany and Scandinavia
The Reformation in Southern Germany and Switzerland
Calvin and Geneva
The Radicals of the Reformation
England and Scotland in the Sixteenth Century
France, 1494-1559
Spain from Ferdinand and Isabella to Philip II
The Counter-Reformation
Literary Movements in the Sixteenth Century
Political Thought in the Sixteenth Century
Renaissance Art in Northern Europe
The Beginning of the Scientific Revolution
General Characteristics and Historical Interpretations of Faith and Spirituality in the Sixteenth Century

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