Most of you who read this book knew its author, Bill Gilbert, as teacher, mentor, relative, colleague, scholar, friend. This is his book.

It has never been published.

A few months after Bill's death on September 14, 1992, I found the typed manuscript for his textbook on Renaissance and Reformation on which he had worked up to the early 1970s and which I had always referred to as THE BOOK. To publish it for family and special friends and for the libraries at the University of Chicago, where Bill did his B.A.; Cornell, where he studied with Preserved Smith for his Ph.D.; and Kansas, where he taught for 37 years, became my goal. Working on THE BOOK has given me a four-year directed study in "Ren n'Ref" with my favorite historian. It has been an engaging and rewarding experience.


I extend special thanks to family and to colleagues in the University of Kansas Retirees Club who, knowing of this project, have offered encouragement, support, assistance;
Richard Hardin, English, and David Katzman, history, who offered to read the manuscript and who made helpful comments, and to Fred Woodward, director of University Press of Kansas, who also read the manuscript and made useful comments about its publication;
Lynn and Carolyn Nelson, history, who asked to put THE BOOK on CARRIE on the Internet;
Joanne Beal Feist, who had five history courses from Bill and offered her expertise in history and in proofreading;
Barbara Shortridge of the Cartographic Service, Department of Geography at KU, for the maps;
Don Watkins, linguistics, who read Chapter 12 and made useful suggestions;
Paula Courtney of the CLAS Word Processing Center, for her caring and expert assistance in preparing the manuscript for publication;
Judith Galas, respected editor, writer, and colleague, who by agreeing to serve as editor, made the publication of THE BOOK a reality and to whom I am extremely grateful.
I did the Index.
I accept responsibility for any errors.

Edwyna Condon Gilbert (Mrs. William)
Lawrence, Kansas