Great Seal of Llywelyn Fawr PRO Manuscript SC1/11/58
A Letter from Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, Prince of Wales
to Stephen de Segrave, co-regent for King Henry III of England,
during the summer of 1230.
Great seal of Henry III of England

The Photographs
The photographs below are large files. If you have a slow connection, be prepared to wait. Clicking on any of the images below will bring up a separate scrollable window displaying the image. The image has numbered lines which correspond to the transcription which can also be displayed in a separate window. Thus you should be able to have any or all three of the images and the transcription open simultaneously in windows which can be re-sized and repositioned on your screen to facilitate comparison.

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Click on the button to the left for my transcription of the document as it appears in Historical Research. It is accompanied by only a few of my notes. For a fuller explanation and references to the historical circumstances, please refer to the article.
Because the letter was a draft and probably contains original errors, no exact translation is possible; however, in preparing his Acts of Welsh Rulers 1120-1283 Dr. Huw Pryce has made a close English paraphrase which I think reasonably renders the sense of the letter. Click on the button to the left.
Click on the button to the left for a high resolution scan of a black and white photograph of the document made under ultraviolet light. This photograph is in some ways much more legible than the original, but in other ways not. If you want to download the picture direct to your disk and then display it using Photoshop or some other image processing software, right-click, or control-click here. 11_58a.jpg
Click this button for a slightly higher contrast version of the same photograph. It helps clarify some areas, but makes others less legible. To download right-click, or control-click here. 11_58b.jpg
Click here for a scan of a black and white photograph made in full spectrum light. Some areas which are clear in UV are here quite illegible, but some elements are only visible in natural light. Note for example the capital initial L for Llywelyn which begins the letter. To download right-click, or control-click here. 11_58c.jpg

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