Great Seal of Llywelyn Fawr PRO Manuscript SC1/11/58
A Letter from Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, Prince of Wales
to Stephen de Segrave, co-regent for King Henry III of England,
during the summer of 1230.
Great seal of Henry III of England

The Document

This is a scan of a color xerox of the original document. Though it is thus only a copy of a copy, it nevertheless gives a pretty good impression of the state of the original document which is very small (about 12x16 cm), darkened, stained, and virtually illegible. Viewing the document under ultraviolet light improves matters somewhat as you can see from the image below:

This is a small version of one of the images you will find in the following pages. The images are high resolution scans of black and white photographs taken under both ultraviolet and full spectrum light. Many thanks to Brian Carter of the Public Record Office, who very kindly permitted me to observe over the course of two days as he tried to get the best images possible.

The Photographs

View the photographs in frames
If you have limited screen area (15" or 17" monitor), and if your browser supports frames, you may want to view the frames version of the photographs. The transcription will appear in a frame to the left, and one of the photos of the document will appear in the right frame. Both can be re-sized and scrolled. Bear in mind that the images are large. If you have a slow connection, they will take some time to load in the frame.
Download, or view the photographs in separate windows
If you have ample screen area and plenty of RAM, you may want to view the photographs and transcription in separate windows which can be positioned, re-sized and scrolled to facilitate comparison. Or you may wish to simply download the images and display them with any image processing software you may have. Again, bear in mind that these are large files and will take some time to transmit.

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