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WWW-VL History: Common Standards
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A detailed description of all the WWW VL initiative and of the standards needed to join the WWW VL History section is available.

Hera are some "basic" needed standards for WWW-VL History Network sites which have been reached by discussion among present site maintainers and may be modified by further discussion. The object of these standards is to establish some similarity among the various component sites, allow for greater integration over time, and to make the sites accessible to the widest number of users possible. No one is expected to abandon their present site to meet these recommended elements but, if his or her present site departs significantly from them, to set up a parallel series of compliant pages.

  • A. General Criteria for Pages
    • 1. Maximum size of 50 Kb
    • 2. Non-frames, minimal graphics with a full description placed in the ALT=""> portion of the IMG SRC format
    • 3. White background and black text is preferred, but variations within 256 colors are acceptable
    • 4. Obtrusive advertisements, especially drop-downs and animations, should be avoided.
  • B. Elements of Main Pages
    • 1. Logos linked to the source for WWW-VL Main Catalogue, WWW-VL: History Main Catalogue, the logo for the site itself, followed by the text: WWW-VL: History Subject name of site.
    • 2. Text links to WWW-VL Main Catalogue and WWW-VL Main Catalogue.
    • 3. WWW-VL search script and WWW-VL search script for the site
    • 4. Pointers to Nature and Purpose of the WWW-VL History Network, a form for reporting new or broken links to the Webmaster, and date of last link-check and update
    • 5. Index
  • C. Organization
    • 1. Indexes should follow the pattern of
      • TOPICAL
      • OTHER
      • with appropriate subcategories

    • 2. Sub-categories should be developed in cooperation with other maintainers in so far as it practical.
  • D. Index Pages
    • 1. Each page, including the Main Page, should carry the Dublin Core, with multilingual description and keywords.
    • 2. When keywords for individual links are appropriate, they also should be multilingual.

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