AG : Adjutant General
CAG-1 : Commander Amphibious Group One
CG : Commanding General
CINCFE : Commander in Chief Far East
Class I : food and potable water
Class II : spare parts
Class III : petroleum, oil and lubricants
Class IV : spare parts
Class V : ammunition
CofS : Chief of Staff
DA : Department of the Army
EA : Eight Army
EUSAK : Eight United States Army in Korea
FEAF : Far East Air Forces
FEC : Far East Command
GHQ : General Headquarters
G-1 : General Headquarters - Personnel
G-2 : General Headquarters - Intelligence
G-3 : General Headquarters - Operations
G-4 : General Headquarters - Logistics
HQ : Headquarters
JCS : Joint Chiefs of Staff
KMAG : Korean Military Advisory Group
MATS : Military Air Transport Service
MSTS : Military Sea Transportation Service
NAVFE : Naval Forces, Far East
NATO : North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NKPA : North Korean People's Army
PLC : Pusan Logistical Command
POL : Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants
RG : Record Group
ROK : Republic of Korea (South Korea)
SCAP : Supreme Commander Allied Powers
T/O&E : Table of Organization (lists all the personnel billets in a unit) and
Table of Equipment (lists
all the equipment a unit rates)
UNC : United Nations Commander
USAF : United States Air Force
ZI : Zone of Interior - a military expression for the USA itself

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