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To Recommend a site to the WWW-VL History Network
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If you wish to recommend a site, please note that recommended sites should be:

  • relevant to the study of History
  • accessible without charge to the general public
  • present original material or provide a useful facility
  • should be accurate, orderly, and competently presented.
Recommended sites should not be:
  • restricted to members or to those paying a fee
  • without original content
  • primarily commercial in presentation
  • characterized by poor grammar or spelling
  • presentations of biased or distorted views
  • advocating or supporting improper or illegal actions

To recommend a site please click on the appropriatee-mail of each maintainer. Enter as the subject heading the category under which the site might be placed, and make your recommendation in the following form:

Name of the Site
A brief description of the purpose and contents of the site

If no maintainers are clearly defined please send an email to the Central catalogue Maintainers, Inaki Lopez Martin and Serge Noiret.

Send comments and suggestions to Serge Noiret.