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Swedish History Index: Topical

[ Reference : Archives and Museums | Electronic Resources | History Departments and Scientific Associations | Libraries and Library Resources ]
[ Chronological : Vikings | Medieval | Early Modern | 1800s | Early 20th Century, World War I | Interwar Period, World War II | Post-1945 ]

[ Demography, Genealogy | Economic | Women's History, Gender | Holocaust | Military History ]

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Demography, Genealogy

  • University of Umeċ demographic database.
  • Swedish genealogy resources.
  • The American Swedish Institute, archives.
  • Southern Sweden demographic database.
  • Census of 1890 on the web.
  • Genline. Swedish parish records online.
  • Genealogical resources.
  • DISBYT. Genealogical resources.


  • Survey of Sweden's economic development.
  • Central index of economic institutions in Sweden. Very comprehensive.
  • Ministry of Finance.
  • Royal Bank of Sweden.
  • National Institute of Economic Research.
  • Economic history links, by the Department of Economic History, University of Stockholm.
  • The Swedish Economic History Association.
  • Economic Life Archive in Norrland. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Statistics Sweden.
  • University of Uppsala, Department of Economic History.
  • University of Umeċ, Department of Economic History.
  • School of Economics, Institute for Research of Economic History.
  • Other links to historical institutions.

    Women's History, Gender

  • Women's history collections by the University of Gothenburg. Includes a searchable database.
  • Women's working conditions at the turn of the 20th century. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Women in Swedish history. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Swedish women in Carl XII's time. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Center for Gender Studies at Lund University.
  • Center for Women's Studies at Stockholm University.
  • Forum för kvinnliga forskare och kvinnoforskning at Linköping University. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Kvinnovetenskapligt forum at Umeå University. (IN SWEDISH)


  • Levande historia was launched by the Swedish government in 1998. Among other things, the website contains reports on recent research on the Holocaust, links to other sites and accounts by various organizations of their activities in this field with examples of literature and films on the subject.
  • Raoul Wallenberg and the Second World War.
  • Holocaust links of the Jewish Center in Stockholm.
  • Ellen Nielsen. Ellen Nielsen was a Danish woman who helped Danish Jews to escape to Sweden during the Jewish Holocaust (1939-1945) and who hid saboteurs for the underground. The Gestapo arrested Nielsen in December of 1944. She subsequently went to prison and thereafter to the Froslev and Ravenbruck concentration camps in Germany. Nielsen eventually was shipped to Sweden for internment.

    Military History

  • Aspects of Swedish military history. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Aspects of the history of the Swedish police. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Carolinian army. (IN SWEDISH)
  • History of the Swedish Navy. (IN SWEDISH)
  • ”Horn's war". (IN SWEDISH)
  • Medieval weapons. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Swedish foreign policy developments.
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Information on current armaments and armed forces.
  • Swedish Foreign Policy Institute.
  • The First World War for Sweden. (IN SWEDISH)
  • The Second World War for Sweden. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Swedish wars in the 17th century. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Swedish wars in the 18th century. (IN SWEDISH)
  • The Battle of Breitenfeld (The Thirty Years War). (IN SWEDISH)
  • The Thirty Years War, gallery of persons. (IN SWEDISH)
  • The Great Northern Wars.
  • War of the Hats. (IN SWEDISH)

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