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Swedish History Index: Reference

[ Archives and Museums | Electronic Resources | History Departments and Scientific Associations | Libraries and Library Resources ]

[ Chronological : Ancient | Vikings | Medieval | Early Modern | 1800s | Early 20th Century, World War I | Interwar Period, World War II | Post-1945 ]
[ Topical : Demography, Genealogy | Economic | Women's History, Gender | Holocaust | Military History ]
[ Other : Antiquarian Bookshops | Swedish History Links | Political System and Research Resources | Search Engines ]

Archives and Museums

  • Mediearkivet. Web archive that contains articles, radio programs and public decrees from some of the major newspapers, radio channels and news agencies of Sweden. The archive is up-dated on daily basis. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Riksarkivet. Site of the National Archives of Sweden. RA in Stockholm is an umbrella archive that contains all sorts of public as well as private archives.
  • The East India Company digital archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Military Archive. Most of the military historical and military administrative, including certain committees, documents are kept here.
  • National Archive database. This is the central database for the most important Swedish archives, including superb search possibilities. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Gothenburg Regional Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Härnosand Regional Archive.
  • Lund Regional Archive.
  • Uppsala Regional Archive.
  • Vadstena Regional Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Visby Regional Archive.
  • Östersund Regional Archive.
  • Archive of Värmland. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Eskilstuna Town Archive.
  • Gothenburg City Archive. (IN SWEDISH, CURRENTLY)
  • Helsinborg City Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Linköping Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Lund Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Malmö City Archive. (IN SWEDISH, FOLLOW LINKS)
  • Norrköping Town Archive.
  • Norrtälje Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Nyköping Community Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Stockholm City Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Umeå Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Uppsala Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Västerås Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Österbro Town Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • The Labor Movements Archive. Includes access to the library.
  • Antiquarian-Topographic Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Archive of Pictures and Sound. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Dialect, Location Name, and Memory Archive in Gothenburg.
  • Dialect and Name Archive in Lund. (IN SWEDISH, CURRENTLY)
  • Emigrant Registry. A searchable index.
  • Economic Life Archive in Norrland. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Umeå University Research Archive.
  • Kronoberg Archive. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Swedish Museum of Natural History: Department of Palaeozoology. Highlights the Department of Palaeozoology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, Sweden. Includes information about research projects, the collections, and links to other paleontological sites. Collections are not on display, but may be used for scientific research.
  • The Museum of National Antiquities.
  • August Strindberg Museum.

    Electronic Resources

  • Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift. It covers the history of architecture and material living standards in the Nordic countries in general and Sweden in particular. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Folkets Historia. It is a journal on the history of the common people. The official slogan of the journal says: "The people are the driving force of history!" (IN SWEDISH)
  • Kulturtidskriftskatalogen. It is an index that presents more than 250 Swedish cultural journals. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift. It is an interdisciplinary journal on sex and power in past and present societies. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Populär Historia is monthly magazine with high quality articles in popular history. Although the targeted reader is situated outside the seminar rooms of the Academy, many of the contributions are written by academic scholars. (IN SWEDISH)
  • The e-zine RÖTTER (ROOTS), claims to be the world's only daily for family historians. It is a genealogical journal, published by The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies.
  • As the Swedish title suggests, Tvärsnitt is an interdisciplinary enterprise. It is a forum for the contemporary Swedish and international debates on culture, history, society and art. The journal is published by The Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and ocial Sciences (HSFR). (IN SWEDISH)
  • Digitized historical maps. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Historical Museum's catalog. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Medical history database. (IN SWEDISH)
  • National Archive database. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Swedish Local History database. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Stockholm region museum's cultural history database. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Links to historical journals.
  • Swedish Historical Bibliography. (IN SWEDISH)
  • The Maritime History Virtual Archives.
  • Statistics Sweden. Historical statistics available on a limited basis.
  • Mirator. A Web publication focusing on the Middle Ages.
  • Viking Heritage. A database created by Gotland University College; contains information on all important Norse and Viking Age sites in the world, together with information on all Viking related events, projects, museums, research, reconstructions, ships etc., of any importance.
  • History of Sweden, primary documents online.
  • Scandinavian Studies Web: History.

    History Departments and Scientific Associations

  • University of Stockholm: Department of History.
  • University of Stockholm: Department of the History of Art.
  • University of Stockholm: Department of General and Comparative Literature.
  • University of Gothenburg: Department of History.
  • University of Gothenburg: Department of Art History and Visual Studies. (IN SWEDISH)
  • University of Gothenburg: Department of History of Ideas and Theory of Science. (IN SWEDISH)
  • University of Uppsala: Department of History.
  • University of Uppsala: Department of Economic History.
  • Links to historical associations. (IN SWEDISH)
  • University of Karlstad, History.
  • University of Linköping, Temainstitution (History).
  • University of Lund, Department of History.
  • University of Umeå, Department of History.
  • University of Umeå, Department of Economic History.
  • University of Växjö, Department of History.
  • University of Örebro, Department of History.
  • School of Economics, Institute for Research of Economic History.
  • Other links to historical institutions. (IN SWEDISH)

    Libraries and Library Resources

  • Stockholm, Kungliga. Biblioteket. The Royal Library, National library of Sweden.
  • Uppsala, Uppsala university library.
  • Lund, Lund University Library.
  • Gothenburg, Gothenburg University Library.
  • Karlstad, Karlstad University Library. (IN SWEDISH)
  • Linköping, Linköping University Library.
  • Umeå, Umeå University Library.
  • Växjö, Växjö University Library.
  • Other libraries. (IN SWEDISH)

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