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E-Learning & E-Teaching History

  • Discussion lists on Education from the RED IRIS
  • Catalan History texts. E-mail:
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes. (University of Alicante and the BSCH Banco de Santander Central Hispano). A proper virual library and portal on Spanish history and culture hosting among others an impressive site on Emperor Carlos V carried out professionally by a selected group of historians. A "must" in your bookmarks. The latest is maintained by Ana M. Carabias Torres.
  • CEIPAC (U. of Barcelone). E-mail
    Abstract: Center for the study of the "Interdependencia Provincial en la Antigüedad Clásica" Information about the excavations carried out in Italy. Epigraphy.
  • Clío Project. E-mail
    Abstract: The aim of this project is twofold. On the one hand the site provides genral information and on-line services Such as bibliography, texts of historical interest, etc. to undergraduates students. On the other hand, the server is an excellent research tool for scholars and professors. There are indeed four main sections: students (undergraduates); teachers (undergraduates); university (teaching materials); and research.
  • Didactic Approach to Spanish Archaeology - Aproximación Didáctica a la Arqueología.
    : Archaeology for children.
  • Education and New Tecnologies.
    Abstract: Access to newspapers in Spanish, journals, etc. around the web.
  • Guía de Recursos Periodísticos (U. of Navarra).
    Abstract: Se trata de una guía de recursos de Internet pensada para los profesionales de la información hispanos que, de partida, cuenta con más de medio millar de direcciones de la Red dotadas de su correspondiente descripción de contenido.
  • Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez
    Abstract: Fundación comprometida con un ambicioso proyecto cultural y educativo en una sociedad democrática. Estimular las formas más variadas de creación cultural, contribuir al fomento de la lectura, a la innovación educativa y al desarrollo de los estudios universitarios.
  • Filosofía en Español (U. Oviedo).
    Abstract: Colection of text (sorted chronologically) regarding Spanish fiosophy and thought: history, apologies, History of Science in Spain, the leyenda negra , Spain's soul, Spain and the Hispanic heritage, political proyects, etc. . You can contact the director via e-mail here: Gustavo Bueno Sánchez.
  • Hispanianova. First Virtual Congress on Contemporary History or I Congreso Virtual de Historia Contemporánea (July 1st to October 13th).
    Abstract: The debate will be on "La Iglesia y la crisis del Antiguo Régimen"
  • Historia Virtual (U. of Barcelone) . E-mail
    Abstract: Already in its second phase. This proyect provides lots of interesting material, such as documents, resources, exhibitions, publications, etc. It offers as well the possibility of a free subscription. Their moto is From the Academy to the World and from the World to the Academy. The basic idea is to help students and researchers with the largest amount of E-teaching material as possible. secondly they want to establish an structural network of teachers sharing their ideas, as well as a co-operative forum of debate and discussion.
  • Iberian and Latin American Music (Royal Holloway University, London).
    Abstract: An Internet project of the Royal Holloway University of London; includes the electronic journal Iberian Discoveries.
  • Jabato (U. Zaragoza).
    Abstract: various e-teaching proyects. Aureus. An international research group interested on Ancient economics and monetary history.
  • Julián Valero Torrijos
    Abstract: Personal home page on Internet and Administrative Law
  • Jack Owens' Course on Iberian History.
  • Jann Randle Home page. E-mail
  • II Jornadas Internet en Valdeorras.
    Abstract: Debate on electronic Education.
  • Laboratorio de Humanidades (Dept. Hist. II, U. of Alcala) .
  • Latinoamerican Virtual University (UVLA) by Alfredo Armando Aguirre. E-mail:
    Abstract: Site of the Laboratorio de Investigación y Multimedia en Humanidades de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (U. of Navarre, Spain). Since 1995 this historical computing laboratory is developing a multidisciplinary research in the field of Humanities by creating research groups and co-operation of computer resources. The laboratory helps also those professors wanting to adopt new technologies for their own research and academic use.
  • Sí SPAIN. Spanish History. Chronology . E-mail
    Abstract: From the project "SI SPAIN". This interactive service "Sí, Spain" (2.1), which promotes free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development, has begun its third phase through the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. German, French and Spanish versions will progressively follow.
  • Tecla from the Birkbeck College London.
  • Tools and tips for students.
    Abstract: Exam preparation and other materials.
  • Unidades Didácticas de Bachillerato. Contemporary History. E-mail:
    Abstract: Didactic page integrated by two unit on The Process of European Integration and Suffragism and feminism, 1789-1945
    . Personal web site of Juan Carlos Ocaña where didactic units for secondary education with contents, activities and a lot of links to deepen research are included.
  • Web de les Ciències Socials (IES Leonardo da Vinci de Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia. E-mail:
    Abstract: Internet resources in Humanities. Aquest web pretén ser un portal, una porta d'accés, als recursos que la xarxa mundial Internet ofereix a professors i estudiants de les Ciències Socials, pensant especialment en la Secundària (ESO i Batxillerat).
    Abstract:An informative page on political leadership during the XXth century (large datasets).

E-Teaching Ancient History

  • C.E.I.P.A.C. ( University of Barcelona).
    Abstract: Center for the study of the "Interdependencia Provincial en la Antigüedad Clásica" Information about the excavations carried out in Italy. Epigraphy.
  • Landscape Archeology (University of Santiago)
    Abstract: Research group on landscape archeology.
    Abstract: On-line database, includes an introduction about the History of Ugarit. Information regarding the activities (publications, semminars, etc.) of the hermeneutic laboratory of the Institute of Filology (CSIC).


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