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  SPANISH NATIONAL ARCHIVES (information provided basically by the Spanish Ministry of Culture)

SPANISH ARCHIVES BY REGIONS (Provincial, Municipal, Local archives, etc.)

  • List of provincial archives provided by the Spanish Ministry of Education (or Centros de titularidad estatal y gestión Transferida a las Comunidades Autónomas. Available at:









UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES (Basic information) .



  • DUKE OF FRIAS Basic information
  • Archive Corderch - EAV . Accessed 1999 Jun 18. Available at: E-mail: ). Abstract: Arquitecture. Maintained by the U. Politècnica of Catalonia.
  • Private archives catalogued by the Sancho el SAbio Foundation . Accessed 1999 Jun 21. Available at: Abstract: the foundation started in1993 a project gathering family archives particularly difficult to use by researchers. The foundation catalogues and reproduces this documents.
  • Rafael Cansinos Assens ' archive . Accessed 1999 Jun 21. Available at: Abstract: The Rafael Cansinos Assens File includes the complete work of this Sevillian writer and all his manuscripts and personal documents, among which the collection of letters is outstanding for the study of theSpanish literature of the first third of the 20th Century.
  • Carles Pi i Sunyer Foundation . Accessed 1999 Jun 18. Available at: E-mail: Abstract: Fundació Carles Pi i Sunyer (1888-1971) d'Estudis Autonòmics i Locals. Created around the private archive of Carles Pi i Sunyer, politician, ingeneer and catalan writer. The materials are basically related to the exile of Spain's Republicans after the Spanish Civil War.
  • Manuel de Falla’s archive . Available at: E-mail: Documents regarding the Spanish composser.




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