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Romanian History Index
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  • International Legal Principles Concerning National Minorities.Prepared by the Open Society Institute - Forced Migration Projects - Arthur C. Helton, Director for the seminar on New Diasporas of Eastern Europe. Budapest, June 22, 1998
  • Council Of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly. RECOMMENDATION 1114 (1989) on the situation of minorities in Romania .
  • Ethnic Groups in Eastern Europe.
  • Ethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe and countries of former Soviet Union. The database contains research papers, studies and articles on different aspects of ethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union.


  • The Jews of Romania: A Virtual Exhibition at Beth Hatefutsoth
  • Les Juifs en Roumanie, par Harry Carasso - Jean-François Renaud from Los Muestros
  • The "Dr. Moshe Carmilly" Institute for Hebrew and Jewish History
  • Jewish Community of Iasi
  • Jewish Communities of the World: Romania.This is an abridged version of Jewish Communities of the World, published in 1998 by the World Jewish Congress and Lerner Publications Company.
  • The Romania Holocaust .From Prof. Jonathan Petropoulos web-page, Claremont McKenna College.
  • The General Surrenders. The Consistent Record of Pro-Arab Policy by Our Secretary of State By OBSERVER. New York Post SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1948. From The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive, [http://www.varchive.org/].
  • Hungarians

  • Hungarians in Romania: demographic map. From the website of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (DAHR).
  • Ethnic Minorities in Romania. Including articles on Hungarian minority situation. From the website of Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University.
  • Treaty between the Republic of Hungary and Romania on Understanding,Cooperation and Good Neighborhood. From the web site of the Government Office for Hungarian minorities abroad.
  • The Situation of Hungarians in Romania.From the web site of the Government Office for Hungarian minorities abroad. Including a short history of Hungarians from Romania.
  • Hungarian Minorities Monitor - Romania, Transylvania.
  • "Romanian -Hungarian Affairs". Collection of articles about Hungarian minority from Romania. From Corvinus Library web-site.
  • Transylvania. These images and texts focus on cities, towns, buildings and natural scenery of Transylvania.
  • Minorities in Romania. Hungarians ... including three articles about this minority.
  • Hungarians outside Hungary, by Sigurd Marstein and Sven Gunnar Simonsen.
  • A short history of Transylvania and of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania , by Dezső Buzogány.
  • The Anatomy of a Historical Conflict: Romanian-Hungarian Diplomatic Conflict in the 1980's , by Constantin Iordachi .
  • The Hungarians of Transylvania. From the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation web site.
  • CST Transylvania - The Essays. The Essays resulted from the "Case Study Trip - Transylvania" organised within the frame of the student's organisation AEGEE. Details of the project, http://www.rrz.uni-hamburg.de/AEGEE/CST-TRANS/ts_project.html.

    Germans (Saxons)

  • The Saxon towns: Medgyes (Medias), Segesvár (Sighisoara), Berethalom (Biertan), Szászkézd (German name: Kaissdit, Romanian name: Saschiz), Szászsebes (Sebes), Szerdahely (Miercurea), Sibiu.
  • Saxon fortified churches of Transylvania.
  • Changing Patterns of Immigration to Germany, 1945-1997, by Rainer Münz and Ralf E. Ulrich.
  • History of Transylvanian Saxons, by Ralph Böhlke.
  • Transylvanian Saxons. From Encyclopedia of Revolutions of 1848, [http://cscwww.cats.ohiou.edu/~Chastain/index.htm]
  • Fortresses of the Saxons from Transylvania.
  • SibiWeb - Geschichte, Kultur und Landeskunde. Includes several articles in English about Transylvanian Saxons, and Transylvanian culture.

  • Aromanians

  • The Aromanians in Romania . Including information about Aromanians in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Greece.

  • Roma

  • Roma (Gypsy) in Romania . Roma Site hosted by RomConn Foundation. In English.
  • Managing Multiethnic Communities. An Innovative Practice Database - Index by Country.Case studies for minorities in Romania, mainly for Roma.
  • Roma (Gipsies) in Romania. From the website of Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University.
  • rroma.ro: Official Roma community web site in Romania, . This site belongs to the National Office for the Roma, a department within the Ministry of Public Information, and is available in both Romanian and English

  • Biography



  • Women and Women's Organizations. Dated, July 1989. Source, Library of Congress Country Studies.
  • Feminism in Romania.From Feminist Theory Website, featuring a bibliography of feminist writers from Romania and links to other Romanian feminist sites.
  • Women's organizations in Romania.From the website of the Network of East-West Women, URL: [http://www.neww.org/index.htm].

  • Science
  • Muzeul Stiintei si Tehnicii "Stefan Procopiu", Palatul Culturii, Iasi, Romania.

  • Cultural Aspects.Including a short history of Romanian culture.
  • The Institute for Cultural Memory.
  • The Museum of Transylvanian Civilization, Astra, Sibiu.
  • Museums In Romania. This page includes an on-line museums collection and other web servers pointing at museums in Romania.
  • Romanian Cultural Resources.
  • The Museum of The Romanian Peasant .
  • Romanian Traditional Culture. Including studies about village architecture, ethnographic regions, folk costumes, traditions in celebration, ceramics.

  • Political



  • Short History of Romanian Finance and Taxation. From the web-site of the Romanian Ministry of Finance.

  • Religious
  • Romanian documents at the Mount Athos. From the exhibition, "Treasures of Mount Athos." It features the English summaries of seventeen medieval documents from the 17th century.

  • Anthropological

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