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[Red Arrow Image] The Historical Index of Religious Missions lists more than 800 sites providing information for the study of the proselytisms in the past and present. Proselytism is understood here in a broad perspective, as the movement of faiths, rituals, beliefs, practice and people... continues at the bottom of the page

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Historical Index of Religious Missions
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Research Institutes



  • Associazione Italiana per lo Studio della Santità, dei Culti e dell'Agiografia. Italian Association for the Study of Sanctity, Cults and Hagiography with "interessi multidisciplinari (storia, iconografia, letteratura, filosofia, teologia, antropologia, psicologia, diritto ecc.). L'ambito storico prevalente è quello cristiano, dalle origini all'età contemporanea, considerato nei suoi rapporti con le civiltà "limitrofe" sia in senso cronologico sia culturale". E-mail: benvenuti@unifi.it (Anna Benvenuti, University of Florence)
  • Center For Strategic & International Studies (Washington-D.C., U.S.A.). "Dedicated to providing world leaders with strategic insights on—and policy solutions to—current and emerging global issues." E-mail: webmaster@csis.org.
  • The Living Universe Foundation. "Seeks to preserve the ecology of the Earth while colonizing the oceans and outer space, all as part of humanity's attaining its highest possible scientific, humanitarian, and aesthetic development."
  • http://www.uni-marburg.de/religionswissenschaft/www.htmlLinks to the wider world
  • Social Science Information System (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands).
  • Spacepix.com. Company selling images of the Earth. E-mail: support@spacepix.com.
  • World Stewardship Institute (Santa Rosa-CA, U.S.A.). "Exists to cultivate environmental stewardship." E-mail: wsi@ecostewards.org.
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (Canada). "Wycliffe Bible Translators believes every person should have the Bible in his or her language.Our commitment is to: Help provide God's Word in the languages of the world's peoples enable them to read it for themselves encourage them in personal spiritual growth, and growth as a body of believers.Wycliffe and SIL personnel have helped the Church worldwide complete more than 500 New Testament translations. But an estimated 3,000 additional languages still critically need a translation". E-mail: webmaster@wycliffe.ca.
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (U.S.A.). "Through the Bible, God speaks directly to every man, woman and child. But unless people have the Bible in their heart language, they cannot read His message of life, hope and salvation. At least 3,000 languages don’t have a single verse of Scripture. At Wycliffe, our vision is to see Bible translation in progress among every language group that needs it by the year 2025 – Vision 2025". E-mail: info.usa@wycliffe.org; webmaster@wycliffe.org.

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    About the Historical Index of Religious Missions

    [Red Arrow Image] (Continues from the top of the page) Although a large amount of the information concerns only Christian missions, I intend to provide information regarding other confessions, such as Buddhism, Islam or Judaism, and also proselytisms from the secular world: IGO's, NGO's, etc. The Index could also be used as a source of data in itself, a research tool on the ways traditional and new confessions try to communicate through the Internet.

    [Red Arrow Image] The Historical Index of Religious Missions is made of different pages which are always under construction. You will find Virtual Resources produced all over the world world dealing with the past and present of the Religious Missions. The documents and materials found on this site should not be taken to reflect the view of the editor.
    [Red Arrow Image] The URL of this page is [http://vlib.iue.it/hist-religious-missions/Index.html].
    [Red Arrow Image] The Religious Missions Index is a joint project between the European University Institute's Library and theHistory & Civilisation Department .
    [Red Arrow Image] The Religious Missions Index became part of the WWW-VL History Network in May 2001.

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