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Inserted in the Best Italian Web Sites on the History of Italy, the 15-05-06:



Storia di Firenze is an initiative undertaken at the University of Florence by a group of academics in various departments concerned with the Humanities and Social Sciences within a wider multidisciplinary research project.


The purpose of SdF is to provide a service and to act as a research instrument for international academics who are studying the history of Florence in Florence itself, Italy and worldwide. It is intended to be a portal for cultural institutions in order to promote their activities, as well as a meeting place of local, political and administrative authorities with the research and academic world.


SdF is a research project that will provide a wealth of scientific material for academics and a publishing centre for scholars and researchers; it will be a reference point for those working in the cultural sector of historical memory and heritage. It is an instrument of research, study and analysis available to both scholars and undergraduates.


Through SdF the general public, teachers, students, the media, the public of history-lovers, tourists, and an interested Florentine public will have a reliable source of information not only about the present but also about the past of the city.


SdF aims to be the bridge between the academic community and the cultural and social life of Florence and at the same time to make available the results and in fieri activity of historical studies.


SdF's project aims to be interactive and open to multidisciplinary exchange with other experts of historical memory and to disseminate information. Many sections of the portal are open to critical discussion regarding the city's history and the ways of narrating it.


At a time when a well-grounded relationship with the city's history is lacking in the process of building a local identity, we are called upon to set aside municipal myths and to reflect open-mindedly on the history of Florence, to consider its identity, in order to be able to better understand the variety of contributions and components which have played a prominent role in the history of this great city."

Last updated the 16th of May 2006.