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Inserted in the Best Italian Web Sites on the History of Italy, the 13-09-01:



"The pages [are] dedicated to the archaeological excavation of the railway terminal of Pisa San Rossore. The recovery of the Roman wrecks happened on December 1998, during work to lay the foundations of a new headquarters of the Tyrrhnian Line of the Italian State Railways. The excavations at now has made it possibile to locate at least 16 ships eight of which, now undergoing excavation, have a complete wooden structure, a palisade acting as a breakwater extraordinarily well-preserved, a massive wharf, a pier and a great quantity of items. These discoveries create an extraordinarily interesting reality, first of all under a scientific aspect, but obviously also from the point of view of the public fruition. As often happens in the archaeological recoveries, the ships and the cargoes of San Rossore represent at the same time an exceptional opportunity and an hard testing bench for those who attend to them...." Internet information are available for all the work which has been done in San Rossore.

Last updated the 16th of October 2001.