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"The Real and Imaginary Middle Ages: Cultural Itineraries and Encounters in three European Regions" is the title of a project financed by the European Union which involves the Mediaeval Villages of Turin (Italy), Carcassone (France), Barcelona Barrio Gotico (Spain) and the Castles of the Rhine (Germany) in a collaborative effort to carry out research, organize meetings and produce informative literature.... The main aim of the project is to make known a cultural current (that of 19th century Neomediaevalism) which, often underestimated, has left numerous significant marks throughout Europe in the fields of architecture, art and costume.... It is ... another aim of this project to try to construct a bridge between the poles of popularisation and historical research so that the imaginary and "real" Middle Ages can be brought together. At the centre of the project are monuments of great cultural, historical and artistic interest, which were built (or rebuilt) following models found in nearby regions. In this way we can grasp the European dimension of 19th century Mediaeval revival and follow its fascinating itineraries. Each of the websites that comprises "Cultural Itineraries and Encounters in Europe" has its own character, its own spirit and point of view which make the project even more interesting in terms of dialogues and encounters."

Last updated the 19th of June 2006.