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Inserted in the Best Italian Web Sites on the History of Italy, the 15-06-00:

CROMOHS - Cyber Review of Modern Historiography


Cromohs (Cyber Review of Modern Historiography) "is the first electronic review of history of modern historiography and its aim is the establishment - making use of world wide web resources - of a particularly effective on-line resource for studies and research relating to modern historical culture (historiography, erudition, philosophies of history, methodologies of historical research, didactics of history). The term "modern historical culture" is intended to refer to a period from the end of XVth century to the contemporary age, the assumption being that the links between this period and our times are an important element in determining a consciousness and a cultural and civic responsibility for men of letters, and particularly for historians, that ought not to be neglected." (Articles appearing in CROMOHS are abstracted and indexed in ABC-Clio, Historical Abstracts and America: History and life.)

Last updated the 16th of October 2001.