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Inserted in the Best Italian Web Sites on the History of Italy, the 4-10-06:



" The Imago II Project, achieved in 1997-2000, had the goal of turning from traditional techniques of reproduction to the new digital ones, to preserve original documents. Many of the most consulted series are now available for a virtual access, in the State Archive or on Internet since june 2002.

Today are in the Imago information system: Alessandrino Cadastre, Urban Roman Cadastre, a selection of the Gregoriano Cadastre including the 600 most important towns of Papal State, the carthography of the old rural Cadastre. Also the roman parchments were digitized, and are now included in a common database with the others, were often abstracts ("regesti") are included. Some of the more useful registers are digitized too: alphabetic registers of roman notaries; some ancient registers of the Tesorerie provinciali. Finally, some precious items as the illuminated manuscript of Liber Regulae.

Within the project about 5.000 digital color photos have been done of maps and manuscripts, 25.000 colour scanning of ancient maps and parchments, 100.000 greyscale scanning of cadastre and notarial registers. Images in jpeg format have been masterized in about 500 CD-R while copies of this images, in a MrSID format, are now available in high resolution on this website. ."

Last updated the 29th of September 2008.