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Inserted in the Best Italian Web Sites on the History of Italy, the 17-01-02:

ARCHIVI : SISTEMA ARCHIVISTICO NAZIONALE (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali)


"The ARCHIVI website, ... provides information on the Italian archives administration. It acts as a portal providing access to the sites of archives operating on Italian territory and offers numerous online services. The central window (news) is devoted to news and information on legislation, the site itself, and initiatives in the archival sector. Eight first-level items provide access to the site’s main sections: L'amministrazione archivistica provides access to the pages dedicates to the central and local organs of the archives administration through an orientation node. Anagrafica istituti provides access to the database of the 144 State Archives and Sections of State Archives and the 19 archival supervision agencies operating on Italian territory; ... patrimonio documentario provides access to alphabetically arranged lists of archival corpora held by the state archives and to certain inventories of archival fonds, such as the exemplary inventories of the Lucca Archives compiled by Salvatore Bongi in the 19th century; normativa is a database of legislation on archives and records from 1860 right up to the most recent provisions governing digital records. One characteristic of this database is the fact that it also includes background documentation for many of the legislative measures, including preliminary reports, the various drafts of parliamentary bills, the findings of parliamentary committees, and opinions expressed by the Consiglio di Stato. The site offers technical documentation and material regarding the creation of ARCHIVI, as well as educational tools for distance training; statistiche offers an updated report on access and user satisfaction; immagini is the gallery of the pictures used in ARCHIVI; strumenti, the section dedicated to online finding aids, provides access to the General Guide to State Archives and two databases. The first of these contains complete transcripts of the minutes of all the meetings of the Consiglio superiore degli Archivi, the principal collegial organ associated with the Archives Administration (1874-1976). The second (le disposizioni sugli archivi negli antichi Stati) is designed to hold the provisions issued on archives and records in the composite panorama of Italian states prior to national unification; biblioteca offers research material for the history of archives and is divided into two parts. The first (Archivi e beni culturali: studi e proposte) includes studies, reports and parliamentary bills that failed to gain approval. The second (Rarità) offers classic texts on archival science, paleography and diplomatics that are difficult to find or no longer commercially available.... This section also provides access to updated information on publications by the state archives; rinvii is the Italian portal providing access to hundreds of pages of archives-related sites on the worldwide web via search engine or guided search system. The forum of the ARCHIVI site is designed to foster discussion on issues of interest to archivists and users of archives, and is open to all those who wish to take part or suggest new subjects of discussion. A forum is currently underway on “archives in the digital era”."

Last updated the 17th of January 2002.