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Used Criteria's for the Best of the Italian History Index

Point JauneUsed Criteria's - Point JauneEditorial Board - Point Jaune Alphabetical List of Italian Best Web Sites
  • to be eligible, a website must originate out of a sound research or editorial project
  • its focus must be on intensity, novelty and reliability of content, not primarily on technology
  • use of IT devices must be clearly validated not per se, but on the basis of the creativity of the web site communication project
  • its authors must be clearly indicated and credits acknowledged
  • its objectives must be stated and its intended audience identified
  • its content must be scientific-review proof
  • it must offer free access to its materials and must neither have any commercial purpose nor rely heavily on advertising, even if a moderate amount of pertinent advertising for self-funding purpose may be admitted
  • if publishing is its main objective, it must be stated whether it is peer reviewed and who the members are of its scientific board; if it publishes editions of classical texts, sound philological criteria must be recognizable (original language, completeness, paratextual apparatus)
  • the site must be regularly updated and developed according to its proclaimed agenda: each year the jugement is reviewed
  • eligibility for the Best of the VL Italian History Index requires that a site is high quality in its entirety and not only in one single section.
  • Sites are chosen through a broad discussion between the members of the editorial board and a voting procedure. The minimum requisites are that at least 5 members -from an editorial board made of 9 members- have to vote; a majority of at least 4 positive votes is then necessary.
(Please have a look at the Quality Principles for cultural Web sites: a handbook edited by the European Union Minerva Working Group 5, Identification of user needs, contents and quality criteria for cultural Web applicationsand to their Digitisation Guidelines: a selected list)

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