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28-06-06: MAGAZZENO STORICO VERBANESE - [http://www.verbanensia.org/]

28-09-01: MEDIOEVO REALE, MEDIOEVO IMMAGINARIO - [http://web.archive.org/web/20050308130528/http://www.medieval-revival.org/]
INFO (Site not anymore accessible. Now only available at the Web Archive, copy of March 2005)

7-11-08: MICHAEL ITALIA (Multilingual inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe, Italian section) - [http://michael-culture.it/mpf/pub-it/index.html]

02-05-05: MUSIL - MUSEO DELL'INDUSTRIA E DEL LAVORO “EUGENIO BATTISTI” (Brescia) - [http://www.musil.bs.it/]

10-05-01: MUSEO VIRTUALE DELLA MEMORIA COLLETTIVA DI UNA REGIONE: LOMBARDIA - [http://www.url.it/muvi/index.htm]

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