On The Restoration Of The Monastery Of Saint Martin's Of Tournai

Table of Contents

Brother Herman to All the Monks of St. Martin's of Tournai

Chapter 1
Odo of Orlans; His Teaching and Scholarship

Chapter 2
Odo's Philosophy and Teaching Methods Attacked

Chapter 3
Odo's Strictness as Master of the School

Chapter 4
Odo Decides to Renounce Secular Life

Chapter 5
The Abandoned Church of St. Martin's

Chapter 6
The Plague of The Fires of Hell (1090)

Chapter 7
The Laity Call For the Restoration of St. Martin's

Chapter 8
An Old Man Predicts the Restoration of St. Martin's

Chapter 9
The Advocate Prays For the Restoration of St. Martin's

Chapter 10
A Child Dreams of the Restoration of St. Martin's

Chapter 11
St. Martin's Is Restored With Odo As Its Abbot

Chapter 12
Count Robert of Flanders, Lord of Tournai (1071-1092

Chapter 13
A Respectable Woman Predicts the Future of Flanders (1071)

Chapter 14
The History of the Sons of William the Conqueror

Chapter 15
Anselm Opposes Henry's Marriage to a Scottish Princess

Chapter 16
The Anarchy of King Stephen (1136-1154). Three Prophecies

Chapter 17
Count Henry Of Brabant Is Killed at Play

Chapter 18
Clemence of Burgundy and the Perils of Contraception

Chapter 19
Count Robert of Flanders on the First Crusade (1096-1100).

Chapter 20
The Death of Count Robert and Accession of Baldwin (1111)

Chapter 21
The King of France Orders the Nobles to Keep the Peace

Chapter 22
Count Baldwin's Justice: A Knight Boiled Alive

Chapter 23
Count Baldwin's Justice: An Old Woman Is Heard

Chapter 24
Count Baldwin's Justice: Nine Knights Hang Each Other

Chapter 25
Count Baldwin invades Normandy and Sets Free Some Royal Deer

Chapter 26
Count Baldwin Dies and Appoints Charles His Successor (1119).

Chapter 27
Count Charles Reproves the Abbot of St. Bertin For Being at Court

Chapter 28
The Murder of Count Charles the Good (2 March 1127).

Chapter 29
The Lame Beggar Who Could Run (2 March 1127).

Chapter 30
Chaos in Flanders

Chapter 31
Baldwin of Ghent Establishes a Peace and Attacks Bruges (1127)

Chapter 32
King Louis of France Seeks a New Count of Flanders (1127).

Chapter 33
Count Baldwin of Mons Jilts the Niece of Countess Clemence

Chapter 34
Young Everard, Castellan of Tournai Some Time Later

Chapter 35
Count Baldwin of Mons Denied the County of Flanders; The Re-Burial of Count Charles the Good (1127)

Chapter 36
Rebellion and Civil War in Flanders. The Prophecy of the Respectable Woman At Last Shown to Have Been True (ca. 1130)

Chapter 37
The First Year of the Pauper Abbey of St. Martin'sof Tournai (March 1092-March 1093)

Chapter 38
Canon Siger Drags His Son Off By the Hair, So St. Martin's Accepts the Cluniac Order (September 1095).

Chapter 39
The Monks of St. Martin's Decide to Go Live in theDesert and Sneak Away From Tournai, But Are Returned (14 September 1095)

Chapter 40
The Bishop Returns St. Martin's Ancient Endowments

Chapter 41
The Mysterious Abbot and the Origins of St. Martin's (1117)

Chapter 42
The Council of Reims; The Lost Village of Ferrires Found (1119)

Chapter 43
The First Foundation of St. Martin's by St. Eleutherius, bishop of Noyon and Tournai (649-665)

Chapter 44
Herman Deduces that the Canons of St. Mary's of Tournai Have the Ancient Documents of St. Martin's

Chapter 45
How the Bishop and Canons of St. Mary's Acquired the Properties of St. Martin's and Other Monasteries and Should Admit It.

Chapter 46
The Necrology of St. Amand of Elnon Proves the Ancient Existence of St. Martin's of Tournai

Chapter 47
St. Martin's Long Ago Allowed Seclin to Extend Its Parish Boundaries

Chapter 48
The Conversion of Tournai by St. Piatus About 300 and Its Desolation by the Normans in 881

Chapter 49
The See of Tournai Mentioned in the Chronicle of Sigebert of Gembloux Under the Year 881

Chapter 50
There Is a Description of the Devastation by the Normans in a Chronicle by a Monk of Marchiennes

Chapter 51
A Reconstruction of the Flight of the Monks of St. Martin's of Tournai and the Settlement of a Group of Them in Ferrirs

Chapter 52
Brother Bernard Tells of His Vision of the Buried Treasure of St. Martin's and Dies as a Result. The Treasure Not Yet Found

Chapter 53
St. Martin's of Tournai Acquires a Tooth of St. Piatus

Chapter 54
Miracles at the Church of St. Piatus of Seclin During the Plague of the Fires of Hell (1090)

Chapter 55
Bishop Radbod Demands that St. Martin's Adopt Some Established Order. The Monks Take the Cluniac Order From Anchin (September 1093)

Chapter 56
Ida, Widow of the Advocate Fastrad and Sister of Thierry of Avesnes, joins the Convent of St. Martin's

Chapter 57
A Hermit Sees a Vision of Mary. The Family of the Hereditary Advocates of Tournai

Chapter 58
Walter, son of Hubert, Joins St. Martin's; His Donations and His Humility

Chapter 59
The Advocate Fastrad Murders Prior Tetbert and Flees to Avesnes. The Advocacy given to Ralph of Noyon

Chapter 60
Young Thierry Refuses His Father's Purchase of a Prebend

Chapter 61
Ralph and Mainsendis Decide to Renounce the World (1092)

Chapter 62
Seven-Year Old Thierry Runs Away and Becomes a Monk of St Martin's; Ralph, His Father, Decides to Help the Church (1092)

Chapter 63
Ralph Commends His Wife and Sons to God, Renounces the World, and Catches Up With Odo (September 1095). Mainsendis Places the Children on the Altar of St Martin's and Renounces the World. Their Donations to the Abbey; Some Problems with Water Mills.

Chapter 64
The Monastery of St. Amand Shares a Donation With St. Martin's and the Two Abbeys Become Associates

Chapter 65
Following Ralph, Other Rich Citizens Join St. Martin's. Henry and His Family Enter St. Martin's; Their Donations to the Abbey

Chapter 66
Many Other People Join St. Martin's. Everard the Castellan Rebels Against Count Robert (1093)

Chapter 67
The Monk Ralph Hears the Choir of the Dead Worshipping in St. Martin's

Chapter 68
Abbot Odo Refuses to Accept Donations of Gold and Endowments of Altar Rents

Chapter 69
St. Martin's Establishes a Convent. Mainsendis Is Unjustly Expelled and Suffers, But Is Finally Restored.

Chapter 70
The Great Famine of 1095. Odo Gives All of the Monastery's Food to Beggars and the Community Limits His Authority. Ralph Becomes Prior, Walter Associate, and Henry Cellarer, and They Beg Food.

Chapter 71
The Hardships of the Famine Year. The Monks Survive on Water and Bread Made of Oats and Straw (1096).

Chapter 72
Ralph Acquires Lands and Establishes Farms to Produce Food and Rents for St. Martin's. Everard the Castellan Captures the Castle of Mortagne (1075-1080?).

Chapter 73
Bishop Radbod Is Accused of Simony. Anselm Resigns as His Attorney. Radbod Commits Perjury and Dies (1098).

Chapter 74
St. Martin's Now Accepts the Rents of Church Altars. Inventory of the Altars Given to St. Martin's and a Record of Their Donors. Ralph Increases St. Martin's Farmsteads to Twenty

Chapter 75
Ralph Restores the Abandoned Church of St. Amand of Noyon as a Dependent Abbey of St. Martin's

Chapter 76
Canon Peter of Noyon Gives Abundant Charity to the Poor During the Famine of 1096. Prior Ralph, the Norman, Continues This Generosity in St. Amand of Noyon During the Famine of 1126

Chapter 77
The Works of Godfrey and William, Scribes and Authors of St. Martin's. Godfrey's Death.

Chapter 78
Ralph Purchases and Equips Four Farmsteads in the Outskirts of Laon. Thomas of Marly Sacks a Farmstead of St. Martin's and Is Made to Pay Damages

Chapter 79
Ralph and His Son, Walter, Build a Farmstead and a Stone Church in Honor of St. Mary in the Diocese of Soissons

Chapter 80
The Scriptorium and Library of St. Martin's of Tournai

Chapter 81
Abbot Lambert Invites Hugh of Cluny to Rehabilitate the Abbey of St. Bertin. Cluniac Monks of St. Bertin Are Later Invited into Numerous Monasteries of Flanders and Northern France to Reform Them

Chapter 82
Odo Is Called to a Council and Is Made Bishop of Cambrai. He Returns to St. Martin's When Bishop Walter of Cambrai Reuses to Be Deposed.

Chapter 83
The Tradition of Royal Investiture. Bishop Galcher of Cambrai Had Been Invested by the Emperor, and Had Been Excommunicated in 1095. Odo Is Made a Bishop and Is Supposed to Depose and Replace Him (June 1105).

Chapter 84
Pope Pascal II Stirs Up Civil War in the Holy Roman Empire By Setting Son Against Father. Henry V Is Defeated by the Men of Lige (22 March 1106)

Chapter 85
Emperor Henry V (1106-1127) Deposes Galcher. Odo Takes Up the Office of Bishop (1106). Prior Segard Chosen Abbot of St. Martin's. The Emperor's Conflict with the Papacy.

Chapter 86
St Norbert and the Establishment of the Premonstratensian Order (1121)

Chapter 87
The Canons of St. Mary's of Tournai Claim that St. Martin's Is Not a Monastery, But Their Chapel. Odo Petitions Pope Pascal on Behalf of St. Martin's for Recognition, the Right to Bury Anyone, and Exemption From Tithes to St. Mary's. The Canons Resort to Violence.

Chapter 88
A Papal Privilege From Paschal to St. Martin's of Tournai. St. Martin's Is Given the Right of Burial and Exemption From Paying Tithes to St. Mary's. The Leaders of the Canons Are Called to Rome For Instruction

Chapter 89
The Conflict Becomes Violent. The Canons' Men Plunder a Farmstead of St. Martin's and Beat the Monk Who defends It. Eighteen Men Are Killed in a Battle Between the Canons' Men and the Monk's Kin. Abbot Segard of St. Martin's Orders a General Penance For the Congregation (1108)

Chapter 90
Castellan Everard Comes to St. Martin's. He Speaks to the Chapter and Sets the Terms of a Compromise. Peace Is Restored and the Monks and Canons Live Together in Harmony (1108)

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