1. What is your educational background?
2. What were the dates of your service in the Sudan? 3. In which province(s) did you serve?
4. What position(s) did you hold? (Please give dates)
5. Why was education in the South left to the missions for so long? 6. What was the quality of the education in those schools?
7. What were the aims of this education?
8. Did you know anything about the Southern Policy? How did you find out about it?
9. What did you think of this Policy?
10. What did the Government expect or require of the missions? 11. Did the missions keep memories of the slave trade and the "bad old days" alive in their schools?
12. Were the missions anti-Muslim? Was the Government?
13. Were you aware of creating "Barriers or Bulwarks to Islam?"
14. What about the feasibility of English as a lingua franca? Did you feel Islam followed Arabic?
15. Did the Khartoum Government understand the South? 16. What was planned as the "Future of the South?" 17. When did the British expect to leave?
18. What information can you provide for: MacMichael, Gwynne (long-term Anglican Bishop) Symes, Parr, Cox, Newbold, Robertson?
19. Were any concerns expressed over the expenditure of Muslim revenue for Christian education?
20. Why did it take so long for.a mission-educated leadership to emerge in the South?
21. How were inter-mission relations?
22. How effective was government oversight?
23. Did the rush to Independence surprise you?
24. Did the Civil War surprise you?
25. Was education a factor in the war?