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12. Secret Identities
by H.B. Paksoy

     1. There are always Secret Identities in every polity.

     2. The purpose of constituting a secret identity is to escape the prevailing rules in the environment in which the identity is established.

     3. Some secret identities are regular identities, forced underground by the dominant identity.

     4. Some secret identities are formed to gain advantage over other identities in the same polity.

     5. Further secret identities are formed in order to secure the interests of the governance strata.

     6. No secret identity can remain secret forever. Most, if not all, attributes of a secret identity will be uncovered in time; be it belief system, commercial, official or any other.

     7. Whatever reason may have impelled the formation of a secret identity, left entirely unchecked and un-audited, it will corrupt itself.

     8. Whatever the identity, it will adhere to the principles adumbrated in this work.

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