H. B. PAKSOY has earned his doctorate at Oxford University (England) with a Grant from the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom, after studying in the Turkish Republic and taking his first two degrees at Trinity University and University of Texas-Dallas in the United States. To date, Dr. Paksoy published five volumes:

INTERCULTURAL STUDIES (Co-Editor with David Sconyers) (Simon and Schuster Education Group, 1998). 529 pp. ISBN 0-536-01769-7

TURK TARIHI, TOPLUMLARIN MAYASI, UYGARLIK (Izmir: Mazhar Zorlu Holding, 1997) Kultur Sanat Yayini. 165 pp. ISBN 975-96079-0-5

CENTRAL ASIA READER: The Rediscovery of History, (Editor, Translator) (New York: M. E. Sharpe, 1994) 201 Pp. + Index. ISBN 1-56324-201-X (Hardcover); ISBN 1-56324-202-8 (pbk.)

CENTRAL ASIAN MONUMENTS, (Editor) Table of Contents: H. B. Paksoy (Kuyas Ham Alav); Peter Golden (Codex Comanicus); Richard Frye (Narshaki's History of Bukhara); Robert Dankoff (Adab Literature); Uli Schamiloglu (Umdet ul Ahbar); Kevin Krisciunas (Ulug Bey's Zij); Audrey Altstadt (Abbaskuluaga Bakikhanli's Nasihatlar); Edward Lazzerini (Gaspirali Ismail Bey's Tercuman); David S. Thomas (Yusuf Akura's Uc Tarz-i Siyaset). (Istanbul: Isis Press, 1992). 174 Pp. ISBN 975-428-033-9

ALPAMYSH: Central Asian Identity Under Russian Rule (Hartford, Connecticut: Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research Monograph Series, 1989). 171 Pp. + Bibliography, Index, Appendix. ISBN 0-9621379-9-5 (Hardcover); ISBN 0-9621379-0-1 (pbk.)

Over the past two decades, his papers have appeared in over forty periodic journals and scholarly collections, published in eight countries, on the European, Asian, and North American continents. Dr. Paksoy was a Faculty Associate of the Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies and taught at the Departments of History, Central Connecticut State University, and at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

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