This page contains important information on how to use this site to your advantage. Please read it carefully.

An important note: If any of you have difficulty in using computers or dealing with on-line materials, see me immediately.

1. Many of you have "surfed the net," played some of the many games available there, used travel facilities, spent time in chat rooms and the like. You may have developed the impression that the Web consists only of advertising and entertainment. This is not the case. There are a number of academic sites on line, and this is one of them. It will be the focus of your work in this course, taking the place of a textbook, a syllabus, class announcements, reviews, and the like. In short it will be an essential part of this course. You will have to have an e-mail account and access to a computer with a web browser. It would be most convenient if you had your own machine and connection, but there are many computer stations in the dormitories, Academic Computer Center, Budig Hall, and elsewhere on campus for you to use. Remember that connecting with this site to study World History is just as important to you as anyone else's reason fr needing computer time is to them.

2. Many of you may be tempted to download or print out the materials that will be offered here, but I suggest that you do this with caution. Much of this materials will be interactive; that is, it will contain automatic connections to useful supporting material, and these connections will be of no use when it is downloaded or printed out.

3. This will be a site "under construction." That means that new materials and links will be added during the course of the semester. It will also be a means of communication between us. From time to time, I will be making announcements and and putting up temporary materials that I think may be of help to you, and you will be able to send me a message simply by clicking on my name wherever it appears. So you should plan on connecting to the main page on a regular basis.

4. One last point. Lecture sessions will be devoted to answering questions you might have, providing additional structure to the material you have studied, and discussing some of the major issues and concepts involved in our picture of the past. This means that you will need to cover the assigned material before class if you are to get any good out of what I have to offer you. You will need to become adept at using the web, but that is something that will come with practice.

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