This is a bibliography of  works on Norman history. Between the Viking settlement of c. 900 and the turnover of Normandy by Geoffrey le Bel to Henry II in 1150, it is as complete as I could make it. Works from the earlier period that impinge on later Norman history, especially on religious topics, are also included, and there is some spillage from after 1150. During the Anglo-Norman period, I have concentrated on Normandy, not England. I have excluded many works written before 1900, although many others have slipped in, mostly ones that I have used myself and thus are in my files. English and French are heavily represented, with a smattering of works in German and other languages. The word "ducal" refers to the Rollonid family from the beginning, although they were not called "duces" from the beginning. Most of the listings are serious works of scholarship, but I couldn't resist slipping in a few frivolous but entertaining entries.  I have also added, at the request of a regular user, a "recent additions" page that will, well, list recent additions to the bibliography.

The topic divisions are somewhat arbitrary, but otherwise the length of the bibliography would have made it virtually useless. If you have any additions or corrections, please send them to me at

Especially useful in compiling this list have been the CVs published by David Spear in the Anglo-Norman Anonymous, the newsletter of the Haskins Society; the bibliographies of those books below marked with an *; and the annual bibliography of the Annales de Normandie.

The general format is shamelessly lifted from Simon Keynes' superb Anglo-Saxon bibliography, to which this page aspires someday to be a worthy sibling.

Version history

1.x - Secondary sources only in one big file (known as "Rob's Big Honkin' Norman Bibliography).
2.x - Frames version, broken into subject files.
3.x - Primary sources added.
  3.1 - Divided Aristocracy into individual families.
  3.2 - Added section to Fiction for BDs.