F.  Letters

These letter-collections are either by Norman writers, or contain letters dealing with Norman affairs. I know this list is very incomplete; additions are welcomed! Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury. The Letters of Anselm of Canterbury. 3 volumes. Translated by Walter Fröhlich. Cistercian Studies 96, 97, 142. Kalamazoo: Cistercian Publications, 1990-1994.

Arnulf, Bishop of Lisieux. The Letters of Arnulf of Lisieux. Edited by Frank Barlow. Camden Third Series 61. London: Royal Historical Society, 1939.

John X. "Epistola ad Heriveum archiepiscopum Rhemensem." In Flodoardi canonici Remensis opera omnia, edited by J.-P. Migne, cols. 27-29. Patrologia Latina 131. Paris: Garnier Fratres, 1879. What to do about converted and then relapsed Vikings.

Suger, Abbot of Saint-Denis. Sugerii abbatis S. Dionysii opuscula et epistolae. Edited by J.-P. Migne. Patrologia Latina 186. Paris: Garnier Fratres, s.d.