Miscellaneous Pictures (and links to pictures) of Welsh Castles and Artifacts of the Age of the Princes

The premier site for those interested in castles in general, or Welsh castles in particular is certainly http://castlewales.com/home.html

Here (http://castlewales.com/dolw.html) you will find an admirable 'virtual tour' of castle Dolwyddelyn put together by Frances Lynch

These three images of Castle Dolwyddelyn appear courtesy of Castle Graphics who retain all rights. Jan Kohl's site has photographs of numerous castles in England and Wales, many of which he has taken himself. You can click on any of these images for a larger version. Castle Dolwyddelyn, Snowdonia.
Castle Dolwyddelyn, Snowdonia. Castle Dolwyddelyn, Snowdonia.
This is a photograph that Deborah Crump took in the fall of 1995: a VERY dry year as you can see. License is hereby granted to use this picture for any non-commercial use. Click on the image for a larger (800x600, 320k) version.

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